PSA: Old Navy's $1 Flip-Flop Sale Is Back This Weekend For One Day Only

by Lindsay E. Mack

Summer sales can be pretty great, but some stores go above and beyond for these events. Just look at Old Navy. Very soon, Old Navy's $1 flip-flop sale will be back on, so you can stock up on summer shoes for your entire family. I mean, who doesn't love a fresh pair of flip-flops for the start of summer? It's pretty much a tradition.

Also known as the "One Dolla Holla Sale," this sale at Old Navy offers up any pair of solid-colored flip-flops for only a buck on Saturday, June 23, 2018. The offer is valid in all Old Navy stores while supplies last, and purchases are only limited to 10 per customer. As long as you make it to the store soon enough, this means you'll have plenty of time to buy a pair of flops for your whole crew. (If you want more shoes, simply bring a friend along.) Just a note, though: the 2018 Old Navy flip-flop sale is only taking place in stores, as noted in Glamour. This means you may want to check in with your nearest brick and mortar Old Navy for hours. Still, the deal lets you stock up on dollar shoes in pretty much every color of the rainbow. Oh, and if you're partial to printed flip-flops, they're only $2. There's something for everyone.

Courtesy of Old Navy

If you aren't yet a convert to these colorful and rubbery shoes, well, the Old Navy flip-flop has something of a cult following. Although the store does not provide exact numbers, its annual flip-flop sales have sold enough shoes to "walk the length of California," as Julie Luker, director of PR and partnerships at Gap Inc. and Old Navy, said in Refinery 29. That's quite a lot of flops.

For such an inexpensive shoe, they're also pretty durable. For instance, I wore a golden pair of Old Navy flip flops all over the beach last week, and they held up like champs. They protected my feet from the sand and didn't give me blisters, which are the two most important jobs of any flip-flop. That same pair of flip-flops has been through many years of beach trips and poolside outings with no problem. Not bad for a dollar shoe, right?

But don't rely on my word alone. You only have to glance at social media to see the full enthusiasm about the sale of these shoes.

Some people use the sale of these shoes to mark the changing of the seasons. Who needs calendars when you can just watch the mall for the first flip-flop of summer?

Other people use it as an excuse to stock up on what are durable, but ultimately easily replaceable, shoes. If one pair of your $1 flip-flops does get knocked into the ocean or left behind in a hotel room, well, you're not out of much money. You can probably afford to be a little bit careless with them, which is honestly something of a relief.

Courtesy of Old Navy

With all of the colors and sizes available, there's almost no limit to the fun and silly ways you can enjoy these inexpensive sandals. Maybe you and your family all wear the same color of flip-flops on vacation this year, so your pictures are all matchy and kind of adorkable. Maybe all of your kids get a few colors of flip flops to coordinate with their summery outfits. Or maybe you just get several pairs of the classic black flip flops so you always have a backup pair on hand. Whatever the case, this classic shoe is only on sale for a dollar once a year, so clear your Saturday schedule for some serious shoe shopping.