Fans Might Have To Wait A Little While For Season 5 Of 'Fear The Walking Dead'

Fear the Walking Dead, the prequel and companion series of the massively popular The Walking Dead series on AMC, is still going strong after several seasons. And after Season 4 ended on Sunday, Sept. 30, fans are already wondering: when is Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead? Guess they can't get enough of the undead.

The original Walking Dead returns for a ninth season on Oct. 7, 2018. So even if the wait for a fifth season of Fear the Walking Dead seems long, at least fans of both shows have something to look forward to. But when, exactly, can fans even expect a fifth season to air? That's still a little unclear.

AMC announced at the 2018 TCA (Television Critics Association) Summer Press that they renewed Fear the Walking Dead for a fifth season. But since then, there hasn't been a ton of news about what that season may entail, or when fans can expect to see it. TV fans are generally used to long breaks between their favorite shows but that doesn't make it easy. And it doesn't stop Fear the Walking Dead fans from being curious about what's to come. But at least everyone can be sure that it really is coming back.

New Fear the Walking Dead showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg took over for Season 4, and since the show started, it's gone through quite a few changes. There was a time jump, and several major characters have died during the course of its run. It appears that no one and nothing is safe on this show.

But as far as what major changes or new characters are to come on a new season, that's something fans will have to wait a little while to see. That's because Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead doesn't yet have a release date, The Daily Express reported. But according to Digital Spy, it's likely to premiere in mid-April 2019, if it follows the pattern of Seasons 2 and Season 4 of the show.

The only original character left on Fear the Walking Dead is Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), according to Digital Spy. Madison (Kim Dickens) and Nick (played by Frank Dillane) are dead, and a new season has the potential to bring in a whole new cast of characters and add a fresh feel to the slowly aging series.

The last two seasons of Fear the Walking Dead have ended with big cliffhangers, but according to Chambliss and Goldberg themselves, the finale on Sunday would not end the same way — and for good reason. Chambliss told Entertainment Weekly:

I would say the end of season 4 is not going to be a cliffhanger in the traditional sense, where we don’t know who’s going to make it, who’s not going to make it. But it is going to tease where the show and where these characters go in a really big way.

Even the Fear the Walking Dead Wikia page doesn't list a date for Season 5 of the show; it simply says the original run is set for 2019. It's probably safe to say fans can expect Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead in spring or summer of next year, which is less than a year to wait but may seem like a lifetime for super fans.