The Busby Quints Are Turning Four On Season 5 Of 'Outdaughtered'

by Mishal Ali Zafar
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Fans of Outdaughtered have been following the Busby family since the birth of their all-girl quintuplets. Season 5 premieres on TLC on Jun. 11, and viewers will get to see the quints celebrate plenty of milestones as they move into their preschool years. The new season will follow the girls into their fourth birthday, but because the show is pre-taped, some fans are wondering exactly when the Busby quints’ birthday is.

As reported by CNN, Adam and Danielle Busby’s five baby girls were born on Apr. 8, 2015, which means the quints turned four this spring. In an Instagram post from April, Danielle shared a picture of the kids on their birthday, and described how wonderful her journey with them has been so far.

Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet little miracle quintuplets,” she wrote in the caption. “ You each have blossomed this year and have distinctly different shining personalities and I LOVE THIS about each of you. It amazes me how you are all the same, but so different. Words will never describe my love for each of you — I love you all to the moon and back and further than that! I am looking forward to this new year with five 4 year olds.”

Adam also shared a photo of the girls at their Luau-themed birthday party, and in the caption he gave a shout out to their surprise birthday present — a new puppy named Beaux. “We had such a great Hawaiian Luau party to celebrate our 6 little princesses Birthday yesterday,” he wrote. “It was also the grand entrance to the girls new SURPRISE Brother (@beauxbuzz ). Our newest addition. He is a blue/ tan miniature French bulldog and his name is Beaux!”

It’s hard to believe that the quints are already four-years-old. On the last season, fans got to see the family celebrate their third birthday with a poop themed party. On the show, Adam and Danielle revealed that their older daughter Blayke’s birthday is just three days before the quints, so the family celebrates their birthdays together. In a clip from TLC, Adam and Danielle talked about how they manage to pull-off the joint birthday parties without any drama.

A tip for a joint birthday party for the kids is try to make it as individual as possible,” Danielle says in the clip from last season. “We had to make sure we focused on Blayke. [We] got her own balloons, her own cake, sang just her ‘happy birthday,’ had even kind of a special section of the place just for her room. And then the quints were altogether.”

Now that the kids are getting older, I’m sure they’ll be more vocal about what they want to do for their birthday. A TLC description of the new season reveals that the girls will be bolder than ever on the upcoming season. “In the blink of an eye, Adam and Danielle Busby have watched their daughters Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker and Hazel go from tiny, delicate newborns to full blown ‘three-nagers,’” the synopsis reads. “These five little ladies are smarter, sassier and more stubborn than ever. Fortunately for Adam and Danielle, big sister Blayke is always there to help her parents keep everything in line.”

The Busby quints are growing fast, and you’ll get to see them celebrate all their milestones on Season 5 of Outdaughtered, which premieres on Tuesday, Jun. 11 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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