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The 'Celebrity Big Brother' Finale Will Be Here Sooner Than You Think

The first celebrity edition of Big Brother in the U.S. has just flown by, probably because it's a shortened version of the game in which the Power of Veto competitions, evictions, and Head-of-Household competitions happen all in the same day sometimes. However, there are still a number of houseguests in the house, leaving some to wonder when is the Celebrity Big Brother finale?

This may shock you but the two-hour finale will air on Sunday, Feb. 25, beginning at 8 p.m. So this first season of U.S. Celebrity Big Brother is quickly coming to a close. But how will the show get down to the final two before the finale when the jury, the evicted houseguests, will vote for the winner? One tried and true way is with a double eviction, which host Julie Chen hinted at on Monday night's episode. It appears the double eviction will occur on Friday, which will leave only five houseguests in the house, but that's still three more than the necessary two.

However, there's another episode on Saturday (you can really watch Big Brother practically every day if you'd like), which will probably include at least one more eviction, bringing the remaining houseguests total to four, or three if it's another double. That would make sense considering typically the Big Brother finale begins with three people competing for the final HOH and the person who wins decides who's going to the Final Two with them, which could truly decide whether or not they'll win the game.

So even though the season will end on Sunday, there's still a lot of game left to play and really anyone could end up the winner. Therefore, this next HOH competition is crucial. There's no more time to play nice; it's time to take out the big players. However, one has to wonder who those people really are.

Alliances in the Big Brother house have broken and gotten put back together so quickly that it's giving me whiplash. It's hard to really know who's working with who and who's the big dog in the house. One could argue Omarosa is the best player to win at this point, but because she was the previous HOH she won't be able to play in the HOH competition, making her a sitting duck, unless she can win the Power of Veto. It also doesn't help that she nominated Brandi and Ross during her HOH and neither of them ended up leaving because Metta decided to go home instead.

So now both of her nominees are still in the house, each with their own fragile alliances, so it makes sense that Omarosa would be the next target, but will they actually be able to get her out? It's hard to say. They definitely have the votes, but if Mark, or possibly even James, become HOH they probably won't nominate Omarosa. Although James and Mark both attempted to jump ship from the four person alliance with Omarosa and Metta, it didn't appear to pan out. But just because they couldn't make a new alliance with Marissa, that doesn't change the fact that they're obviously not all that loyal to Omarosa.

Both Mark and James have sided with the house for the most part, so if the house wants Omarosa out, she's probably leaving, and at this point the only person she can really rely on is herself. You can see how the next HOH plays out when Celebrity Big Brother airs Wednesday, Feb. 21 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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