The 'Married At First Sight' Couples Have A Big Decision Ahead Of Them

The eighth season of Married at First Sight has been a real rollercoaster. The four central couples have fought and made up, aired their issues and kept potentially harmful secrets. Now the end is almost upon us. But when is the Married at First Sight finale?

The finale, "The End of the Beginning," airs on Lifetime on Apr. 2. That means there's one more episode before decision day rolls around and each pair makes the final call about their future. Stephanie and AJ had a good start complicated by his anger issues; Luke and Kate have had trouble since the beginning; Jasmine and Will can't seem to connect; and, lastly, Kristine and Keith are actually doing pretty okay. While some of their final decisions may feel like foregone conclusions (Kate, girl, Luke is not the guy for you), there's no real way to predict what will happen at the end.

But the penultimate episode, "Doomed or Devoted," might have more insight to offer. According to the summary provided by TV Guide, this is the last chance each couple has to "confront their biggest doubts and fears about their relationship." They have one more night together to talk everything out before they choose to stay together or get divorced.

And the promo for Episode 13 proves what a difficult decision it will be. All four couples sit down together, each with their own specific set of concerns when it comes to moving forward. Jasmine remarks that she likes Will but isn't sure if they're a good match. Keith, however, seems to have something more romantic in mind; he announces that he has to tell Kristine how he feels before he loses his "best friend." If that's what Keith is worried about, then I doubt divorce is in their future. These two might actually work out.

Meanwhile, Stephanie is more than a little nervous. She knows that she and AJ have seen one another in a less than flattering light, which might not bode well for their future. And Kate doesn't know if it's even feasible to have a happy marriage with Luke. Their worries are totally valid and important to take into account when deciding whether or not to stay married. AJ's temper could be a dealbreaker for Stephanie, while Kate may not want to put up with Luke's flip-flopping anymore.

The finale is still a week away, but the episode before it might be just as important — if not more so. This is when disagreements will be hashed out and serious conversations will be had. "Doomed or Devoted" could be a turning point for some of the couples, or it could solidify what they already suspect. The official reveal doesn't happen until the very last episode, but the couples may know what they're going to do by the end of Episode 13.

But, luckily, even the finale isn't quite the end. There should be a reunion special afterwards to update the audience on what everyone has been up to since they made their big choice. So even though Season 8 is drawing to a close, fans can rest easy — it's not over yet.