The Live-Action 'Aladdin' Is Coming To Disney+ Before You Know It

Live-action remakes are all the rage these days when it comes to beloved Disney classics. With the release of Lady and the Tramp, The Lion King, and Aladdin his past year alone, 2019 has been a huge year for the trend. Thanks to Disney+, streaming them will be both convenient and easy — once they're finally released, that is. And the question of when the new Aladdin is coming to Disney+ has likely been on plenty of subscribers' minds.

Aladdin hit theaters on May 24, and it received mixed reactions. There was the controversy of casting non-Arab actress, Naomi Scott, for the role of Princess Jasmine. There was also criticism of the portrayal of the villainous Jafar's — played by Marwan Kenzari — which fell flat in comparison to the 1992 animated version of the film. Still, the 2019 remake of Aladdin managed to hold its own at the box office. The film managed to surpass the animated film in ticket sales — if you don't take inflation into account, that is. And for the most part, critics loved Mena Massoud as Aladdin, Scott as Jasmine, and Will Smith as Genie — as well as the beautiful costumes and Jasmine's empowering new song, "Speechless."

With this in mind, plenty of Disney+ users were understandably disappointed to see that the 2019 Aladdin remake wasn't on the list of movies initially available on the streaming platform when it launched on Nov. 12. The good news is, they don't have much longer to wait. That's because the live-action Aladdin remake will drop on Disney+ on Jan. 8. Which is practically tomorrow, considering New Year's Eve is just around the corner.

So I would definitely mark your calendar now so you can plan on a family movie night ahead of the new Aladdin's release of Disney+. In the meantime, I would also recommend revisiting the 1992 version of Aladdin — which is already available on the streaming platform — with the kiddos. Just so they'll have a healthy appreciation for both films. While you're at it, you can also check out The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves on Disney+.

I mean, you might as well fully immerse yourselves into the world of Aladdin, am I right?