Miller Mobley/Bravo

It's A Tight Race To The Finish Line On 'Project Runway' Season 17

Five designers remain on Project Runway Season 17, each with an equal chance of making it to the finale and taking home the grand prize. Bishme Cromartie, Garo Sparo, Hester Sunshine, Sebastian Grey, and Tessa Clark will face their last weekly challenge in May 30's "The Art of Fashion." One person will be eliminated, leaving the top four to move on to the last stretch of the competition. But when is the Project Runway Season 17 finale?

Considering the last challenge is this week, it seems fair to assume that the finale will be next week on Jun. 6. However, there's a chance the show will indulge in a two-part finale like it used to in past seasons. Typically, the first part would follow the designers' mentor (previously Tim Gunn, now Christian Siriano) as he visits each person to check on the progress of their final collection and offer any last bits of advice. Then the actual finale would feature the last runway show and determine who the winner is.

It's not clear whether the semi-rebooted version of Project Runway will stick to tradition or do something a little different. Bravo hasn't made any announcements about their plans, so it looks like fans will have to take it week by week. But either way, Project Runway Season 17 will be coming to an end in the next two weeks.

But first there's still one more week in the workroom! In "The Art of Fashion," the designers will be facing their biggest challenge yet. They will have to create experimental art installations featuring multiple looks, to be judged by Nina Garcia, Brandon Maxwell, Elaine Welteroth, and two guest judges: Cardi B and Bergdorf Goodman's Linda Fargo. She's the senior vice president of the fashion office at the department store, as well as the director of women's fashion and store presentation. If these designers want to see their clothes in stores one day, turning Fargo into a fan couldn't hurt.

But the biggest question is who will make it to the finale. Bishme, Garo, Hester, Sebastian, and Tessa have all done very well for themselves in the competition, though their time on Proj Run hasn't been without its ups and downs. Bishme can turn out a look when he wants to (justice for his loss in the Elton John challenge!), but sometimes gets lost in the process. Garo's techniques are impeccable, though his style can be rather dated and costumey. Hester Sunshine's unique perspective leads to big risks that don't always pay off — though they're always unforgettable (turkey tuxedo, anyone?). Sebastian Grey produces work of ridiculously high quality and gorgeous finishing. Tessa Clark made an impact early on, but she often ignores challenge requirements in favor of sticking to her own aesthetic.

If I had to guess, then my pick for the final four would be Sebastian, Hester, Garo, and Bishme. They each have distinct points of view that would result in wildly different (but incredibly interesting) final collections. Tessa has been struggling more and more in the last few episodes, so her time on the show might be coming to a close. But speculating about the final four is the easy part; when it comes to picking a winner, any of these designers could end up going home with the metaphorical crown.