When To Replace Crib Sheets For Baby

Having a baby can be one of the best experiences that life has to offer. From watching them grow to getting all the laughs possible, there's a new way to love your baby every single day. But as magical as it can be, making yourself knowledgeable on all things concerning them can be a little scary. Although some new parents find themselves racking their brains over proper feeding and diaper changing times, others may need a little help on knowing when to replace crib sheets or similar items.

As I've learned from my sister, who now has a 3-year-old, there's never a wrong question or concern when it comes to parenting. Although replacing crib sheets may not be a topic widely of often discussed, it's still one that needs to be addressed. With children needing to stay as germ free as possible, cleaning your baby's bedding should be one of the main priorities of parents looking to keep the environment with as little bacteria as possible. According to Dummies, parents of babies should expect to change their sheets multiple times a day. Every parent should be inspecting their baby's sheets as often as possible and if there is a stain (even if you recently changed them), take them off and replace them with new ones. The site suggested having at least six fitted sheets on hand for easy switch outs. Caden Lane, however, only suggests having two at minimum. In addition, Good To Know revealed that because bed sheets harbor a lot of sweat, oil and saliva, changing them out at least once a week should be on your agenda.


Whether you opt to go for six or two as a minimum sheet number for your baby's crib, keeping in mind that you should be purchasing new sheets whenever the ones you currently own start to look rough is important. According to Martha Stewart, if your sheets have stains that can't be removed or obvious signs of aging such as fraying hems, you should consider throwing them out and replacing with newer ones.

Ultimately, the frequency of replacing your sheets is a decision that's solely up to you. Just make sure you remember that the cleaner the sheets, the less bacteria you'll expose your baby to.