Jinger Gives Birth In Season 9 Of 'Counting On'

Jinger Vuolo and her husband Jeremy announced her pregnancy in the fourth episode of Season 8, which was appropriately titled "Jinger and Jeremy's Baby." A lot of time has passed since that onscreen announcement and now Baby Vuolo has officially joined the family. But when was Jinger and Jeremy's baby born?

Jinger and Jeremy's daughter Felicity Nicole Vuolo was born on Jul. 19, 2018, according to People. In a statement released to the publication, Jeremy effused, "God is so kind. Both mom and baby are healthy, doing great, and resting well. We are very thankful for her safe arrival and look forward to life as parents!" They had previously revealed Felicity's gender in April with a complicated relay race involving pink and blue teams, each of whom downed a single-serving ice cream cup before starting the course. The winner flipped a switch that lit up a neon "baby" light, which revealed by color whether the fetus would be male or female.

At the time, Jinger and Jeremy told People that they "could not be more excited" and that they were "eagerly anticipating meeting our little lady this summer." Though audiences might be introduced to Felicity for the first time in Season 9 of Counting On, which premieres on TLC on Feb. 11, she's currently around seven months old.

Fans who follow Jinger on social media met Felicity long ago, as she's been a regular presence in Jinger's Instagram posts since she was born. Jinger shared a photo of the whole family in their Sunday best with Felicity looking delighted underneath a large floral headband. Jinger has also documented baby Felicity's many outfit changes (stripes seem to be her thing, though she has an extensive hat collection, too) and each monthly milestone. According to Jinger, she and Jeremy have been very happy since their new edition joined them.

"I love being her mama," Jinger captioned a photo of her and Felicity wearing matching pink hats. "I never could've imagined the great amount of love I could have for such a little one." She said she was thankful every day for Felicity. She also praised Jeremy's parenting skills in another post, declaring that he was "such an amazing father." She went on to write, "I love how Felicity lights up when she sees her daddy or hears his voice. It is the sweetest thing. They share such a special bond."

While fans haven't been without social media updates for the last seven months, the ninth season of Counting On takes a closer look at Jinger's pregnancy and Felicity's birth. Viewers already saw the pregnancy announcement and gender reveal, but in the Season 9 premiere Jinger and Jeremy start to get closer to her due date. Then in Episode 2, "Jinger Has A Baby," well — you can probably guess what happens.

Felicity has been part of her parents' everyday lives for months now, but her story is still just beginning on Counting On. And you won't miss a moment of it when the new season makes its debut.