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This Is When The Kardashian Christmas Card Photo Was *Probably* Taken

You guys, Kim Kardashian just revealed Day 13 of her Kardashian Christmas Card countdown, and what's in — or rather, what isn't in — the family snapshot is driving fans into a frenzy. The picture, posted on Instagram on Wednesday by Kim, shows several of the Kardashian women surrounded by kids, and in the background stands one Khloé Kardashian with no pregnancy bump in sight. In case you've somehow missed it, Khloé's reported pregnancy has been dominating headlines for months now — so fans want to know exactly when the Kardashian Christmas card photo was taken in order to clear up this mysterious missing bump business.

People have been talking about Khloé's rumored pregnancy ever since TMZ first shared the reported news back in September, and ever since, fans (and paparazzi) have been keeping a close eye out for any sign of a bump. TMZ has already deemed Khloé "the David Copperfield of pregnancy," since "now you see her baby bump, other times you don't."

Kim's latest Christmas card reveal on Instagram, it seems, would fall into the latter category. Which means either Khloé isn't pregnant (hey, she never confirmed the news) or the Kardashian Christmas card was shot earlier in the year. Here are a few favorite theories on when, exactly, the Kardashian card photo extravaganza may have gone down.

The Christmas Card Was Shot In Early November

Fortunately for fans, Kris Jenner dropped a pretty big clue back in early November, telling People:

There’s a different CEO of my family every day. This week Kim is CEO because she’s organizing the Christmas-card shoot.

Kris apparently said Kim was polling family members about the card, and that they were all "thinking about it." Boom! Clue number one that the Christmas card shoot took place sometime in November.

The Card Was Shot In Early November — Hint No. 2

Based on photos of the Kardashians arriving or leaving a studio in Los Angeles, the TMZ offices speculated on Nov. 10 that the Christmas card was being shot. That works pretty well with Kris Jenner's Nov. 2 clue that the card would soon be in the works.

... But It Definitely Wasn't Shot Before Sept. 6

Here's where we start to get into the thick of the investigation, folks. In Kim's Christmas photo on Instagram featuring Khloé, Kim is sporting silver hair — a dye job that she had done on Sept. 6, according to Vogue. So we know that the Christmas card pictures weren't taken prior to Sept. 6. Realistically, though, the pictures could have been shot anytime after that. Kim's roots even look slightly grown in.

... & It Couldn't Have Been Shot Too Recently, Either

According to TMZ, Khloé was allegedly only about three months pregnant in late September, which would put her at 16 weeks pregnant in October and 20 weeks in November. Fans are saying Khloé isn't showing in the Christmas picture posted on Dec. 13, so if TMZ's reported pregnancy timeline for Khloé is correct, the card was probably shot sometime before late September or, at most, late October. (Although every woman shows and carries her pregnancy differently, according to Baby Center, most first-time moms start showing a pregnancy bump between 12 and 16 weeks in.)

Of course, all women's bumps are different, and Khloé could be showing hers earlier or later, which would change the Christmas card timeline entirely. After all, as fans noted, Khloé showed no sign of a bump in her Halloween picture (where she rocked a Game of Thrones-style Daenerys Targaryen costume) or in a baby shower shot from Nov. 11. Hey, maybe Khloé isn't pregnant at all, and trying to pinpoint a Christmas card date off a nonexistent bump is going to be impossible.

So far, however, all signs point to a Christmas card shooting date somewhere in early fall. If also-reportedly-pregnant sister Kylie Jenner makes an appearance in one of the coming Christmas card pictures, we'll likely have a better idea. In the meantime, keep the pictures — and clues — coming.

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