Greg Endries/Bravo

Get Ready For An Epic 'RHONJ' Season 9 Reunion Special

Each and every season of a Bravo Real Housewives show concludes with a lengthy reunion special that takes another look at the most memorable moments from the episodes that preceded it. The reunion is usually filmed a few months after the actual season, presumably so the women have enough time to rest their voices before screaming at each other in front of Andy Cohen. But when was The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 9 reunion filmed? Though it airs on Bravo on Feb. 20, it was probably shot weeks beforehand.

It takes a little detective work, but it seems like the reunion was filmed on Jan. 14, 2019. Cross-referencing Instagram selfies with footage from the reunion trailer provides just enough evidence to support this theory. A first look made available on the Bravo website shows Melissa Gorga wearing a glittering grayish-purple jumpsuit with hoop earrings and her hair slicked back into a high ponytail. It's a distinct enough outfit that it's immediately recognizable — and Melissa was wearing the exact same look in a Jan. 14 photo she took alongside co-star Jackie Goldschneider. The high-necked silver sheath Jackie wears is the same one she sports at the reunion, too. I rest my case.

Of course, it helps that Melissa's caption for the photo outright stated that it was a sneak peek from the upcoming reunion. But allow me to have my Elle Woods moment. It's possible they filmed earlier and Melissa only posted the selfie in January, but it would make sense with the typical filming pattern for the Real Housewives shows. The reunion filming shortly before it airs allows the drama to be as up-to-the-moment as possible. It gives the audience an update on what the women have been doing since the finale, as well as a glimpse into the next season. A feud ignited at a reunion can be fertile ground for the following season.

And it seems like the Season 9 reunion will definitely result in a few rifts. The ever-informative Melissa commented on the reunion on Instagram, teasing that it was "gonna [sic] blow your mind." She said that it was one of the most aggressive she had ever seen and it had left her reeling; even after the reunion was over, she was still confused by everything that unfolded. The first look from Bravo upholds that assertion.

The hits come fast in the minute-long preview. Jennifer arrives in a boxing robe with her name on it, ready to battle. Teresa calls someone (possibly Melissa) a "cold-hearted b***h." Jackie declares she's losing brain cells in this conversation. The husbands arrive to share what their taglines would be, as well as reveal some secrets of their own. Danielle pops up to stir the pot, too. And at one point Teresa appears to grab for Andy's question cards so she can use them as a projectile. It's going to be an action-packed multi-part epic. Marvel wishes.

The RHONJ Season 9 finale will have arguments, laughter, deep conversation, and some shocking moments. It's going to be everything viewers are looking for, and maybe more.