Richard Cartwright/ABC

'HTGAWM' Season 4 Is Still A Ways Away

The season finale of How to Get Away with Murder airs on Thursday night and it feels like this season went by much too fast. That's probably why fans are already wondering when will How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 premiere? Thankfully, the popular "whodunnit" TV show has already been renewed for another season, along with the rest of Shonda Rhimes' TGIT programming, according to The Hollywood Reporter. But now that fans know the show will definitely be back all they need to know now is when?

Both the first and second season premiered on the last Thursday of September, however, Season 3 switched it up just a tiny bit by premiering on the second to last Thursday of this past September. Still, all the premiere dates were between Sept. 22-25. Based on that, I'd assume Season 4 will premiere on Thursday, Sept. 21 (give or take a week). And since all of the TGIT shows are coming back, I'd also guess it'll continue to be shown during the same time slot of 10 p.m. ET. But before you mark your calendar, this is still only an educated guess. Fans will probably have to wait a little while before the official premiere date is announced.

Depending on how Season 3 comes to a close, there's a lot that can happen in Season 4. The Season 3 finale will reveal who killed Wes (though many are still questioning if Wes is actually dead) and from there it's anyone's guess where the show will go from there. Will it just be the audience that discovers who killed Wes or will the characters know as well? Will Annalise and Frank get away with murder... again? Or is Frank actually going to take the fall and spend the rest of his life in prison? How about that whole Bonnie and Frank fling?

Speaking of uncertain relationships, what is the status of Connor and Oliver? Are they back together or not? The only stable relationship on the show at the moment is Asher and Michaela and truly did anyone see that coming?

While the season finale may finally answer the question of who killed Wes, I'm sure it will also leave fans with many more questions and I for one can't wait. Not to mention, if the show keeps with tradition, Season 3 may end with yet another murder mystery to unpack in the upcoming season. So be on the lookout for shocking twists because when it comes to this show, no one is safe.

The two-hour season finale of How to Get Away with Murder airs on Thursday, Feb. 23 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.