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When Will Jon Snow & Daenerys Meet On Game Of Thrones?

In the Game of Thrones episode "Stormborn," Melisandre arrived at Dragonstone to sing Jon Snow's praises to Daenerys Targaryen in an effort to encourage an alliance between the two. Dany responded by summoning Jon to meet with her and swear fealty. But when will Jon Snow and Daenerys meet on Game of Thrones?

It was basically guaranteed that the two would cross paths eventually, though it was less easy to pinpoint the exact moment that it would occur. As representatives of the fire and ice theme that is integral to the series, their eventual partnership seemed inevitable. They're family members (a fact Jon is unaware of currently) because Daenerys' deceased older brother Rhaegar is Jon's biological father, and they also share similar goals: to defeat Cersei and the White Walkers. There are plenty of reasons for the two to join forces and, with Dany finally in Westeros, Season 7 was the perfect time for it to happen.

At first, however, it wasn't certain that Jon would answer Dany's summons. It would be dangerous for him to leave the safety of Winterfell for any reason because of how new and tentative his power was, but there was also no way to know he wasn't being lured into a trap.

That was what all of his people believed when Jon announced his plan to meet Dany after all. Sansa was quick to remind Jon that their grandfather was killed riding south to meet with Dany's father, the Mad King Aerys. The other lords of the northern houses added that Robb's decision to travel south had also resulted in his death. Leaving the safety of the north has not been something that has gone well for the Starks, historically speaking. From the perspective of the other northerners, Jon was taking a big risk in deciding to do so.

The episode ended without a meeting between Jon and Dany, stretching out viewers' anticipation of the event for a little while longer. Jon did begin his journey south in "Stormborn," leaving Sansa in charge of Winterfell in his absence, but fans will have to wait to see him and Dany interact onscreen. It looks like next week's episode, "The Queen's Justice," will be the one to tune in for – unless the show decides to put off the moment even more.

Jon and Dany's meeting has been seven seasons in the making, so it will be fascinating to see how it all finally unfolds.