Craig Sjodin/ABC

Lee's Days On 'The Bachelorette' May Be Numbered

This is The Bachelorette: no one is here to make friends. Every season, though, it seems that many cast members actually do end up becoming pals in the mansion — and after the show is completed. It seems that even the show's former "villains," like Corinne and Olivia, are well-liked, and editing magic probably contributed to their villainy. This season, though, the villain may have a hard time being friendly with contestants after this season. Lee has been consistently starting fights, and it may result in his downfall. Will Lee be eliminated on The Bachelorette? He's the least liked in the mansion.

Lee was infamous even before his status as a contentious pot-stirrer emerged on the show. Twitter detectives found his account, where his tweets were... questionable, to say the least. His problematic musings included the likes of, "Never trust a female liberal or a man that owns a cat." Then, on the show, Lee began to pick fights with other contestants. First off was Eric, who Lee antagonized and said he wasn't here for Rachel. Then, on last Monday's episode, he came for Kenny — who previously believed the two were friends. Lee stole time with Rachel away from Kenny, and gaslit him about the experience.

It's clear to the contestants now that Lee isn't a nice guy. He goes after others with the goal of getting them eliminated. That's why they (and Bachelor Nation) were shocked when Lee managed to snag a rose on Monday's episode. Lee's still terrorizing the mansion and managed to last another day. But is his time up soon? From the promos, it seems that his feud with Kenny will come to a head this week. Lee and Kenny will go on a two-on-one date; viewers who know Bachelor history know this usually means trouble.

The dreaded two-on-one date not only causes drama, but in most cases, an elimination. There's no evidence that this one will be any different. From the promo, not only do they verbally fight, but it looks like there may be a physical altercation as well. Which one will prevail: Lee or Kenny? Judging by Rachel's recent tweets, she realized the type of person Lee is... but did she know during filming? If so, then Lee is probably getting the boot. Or will Rachel decide against physical violence entirely, and eliminate both Lee and Kenny? No matter what happens, it seems that Lee's days on The Bachelorette are numbered.