When Will My Boobs Start To Get Bigger During Pregnancy?

by Yvette Manes

There was one body change I looked forward to when I was pregnant: bigger boobs. I had seen my friends bust out of their bras in the first few months of pregnancy and I wanted, if only for one brief moment in time, to have decent-sized boobs, too. In fact, one of the first things I asked the nurse at my OB-GYN's office was, when will my boobs start to get bigger during pregnancy?

According to Baby Center, breasts start to get bigger around six to eight weeks into your pregnancy and will continue to grow throughout the entire nine months. Moms who are pregnant for the first time can gain as much as a cup size or two. By your ninth month, the March of Dimes reports that you can gain up to two pounds just in your breasts.

As the skin stretches, your boobs might start to feel sensitive or itchy. New Health Advisor recommended using skin lotions, moisturizers, or petroleum jelly to relieve itchy breasts. If your boobs grow too fast or much bigger than your normal cup size, you might even get stretch marks. Unfortunately, although stretch marks may lighten and fade, they will never fully go away.

As your breasts grow, you are going to want to invest in bigger bras as well. A well-fitted bra is essential to support the additional weight and help alleviate back pain. Parents recommended purchasing a cotton bra with a thick band beneath the cups, wide shoulder straps, and an adjustable clasp. Some pregnant moms need the support overnight as well, opting for a comfortable sports bra. Baby Center suggested bras made from soft, non-synthetic fabric with no underwire and no seams near the nipple.

Additionally, some women experience breast leakage when they are pregnant. According to Baby Center, your body begins to produce colostrum, the super-charged first milk that is full of antibodies and immunoglobulins, three to four months into your pregnancy. In order to protect your clothing, you can purchase disposable or reusable breast pads to soak up any leaks. Crafty moms may even be able to make their own.

Not all pregnant mamas experience a big change in breast size, but almost everyone grows a few days after giving birth when their milk comes in. According to What To Expect, you shouldn't worry if you don't see a big change in your bust, because even if your breast stay small after your milk comes in, "you'll almost certainly be able to meet the needs of your hungry baby."