When Will My Child Be Potty Trained Through The Night? It's A Big Milestone

When it came to my kids, nothing tested my patience more than potty training. It’s just one of those things that your kids seem to hold you hostage with, and while daytime potty training requires lots of check-ins and preemptive pee-pee runs, night time potty training can be a little more difficult to navigate. If you’re in the process of potty training your wee lad, you might be anxious to know, when will my child be potty trained through the night?

If you are night potty training your child, it's important to know if they are ready for it. According to Parents, for your child to be successfully night potty trained, they need to be mature enough to wake up when they feel the urge to go to the bathroom, and their bladders need to be big enough to hold their urine through the night. Because each child is emotionally, mentally, and physically different, the age in which they are fully potty trained will differ, too.

As children get older, noted Potty Training Concepts, their bodies become better at recognizing the signals and urges to urinate while they sleep. According to the article, about 66 percent of children 3 and under have night time control, and by the age of six, 85 percent of children will wake up to go to the bathroom. Because night time control is based on a child’s physical maturity, until they are ready, they may not be able to help wetting the bed.

But there are a few things you can do to help along the process. When I night trained my little ones, I made sure to buy mattress protectors, because it’s hard to fit a pee soaked mattress in your washing machine. Parents suggested encouraging your child to take a trip to the bathroom a half hour before bedtime, and then again at bedtime, eliminating drinks one hour before that. It's also recommended that you encourage your child to use the toilet anytime they wake up at night.

It’s important to remember that accidents happen, and at some point your child will wet the bed. Trust me, I know how frustrating it can be, but with a supportive attitude and dry sheets on hand, in time (when they are ready) your child will be on their way to dryer nights.