'Fuller House' Season 3 Still Has More Story To Tell

by Zakiya Jamal

The new season of Fuller House is finally here! Well, the first half of it is, anyway. Unlike most Netflix shows, the new season of Fuller House has been split in half and only the first nine episode released on Sept. 22. So when will Part 2 of Fuller House Season 3 premiere on Netflix? Unfortunately, there's no premiere date for the backend of the season just yet.

Although the release date for Season 3 Part 2 hasn't been announced yet, fans can still celebrate the fact that the new season is finally here. Not only that but its release date marks a very special day in Full House history. It was 30 years ago that the original Full House series premiered on ABC back in 1987, making it a very big day for the Full House fandom.

Additionally, there's a lot going down in this season of Fuller House, especially for D.J. Her love life is still in an upheaval and things have gotten even more complicated in the third season. Not only is her ex, Steve getting married, but D.J. is a bridesmaid at the wedding. Because yeah, that's not awkward at all. "D.J.'s love life is going to have lots of turmoil in it," creator Jeff Franklin told Entertainment Weekly. "She and Matt are still dating, but D.J. still has some feelings for Steve that are complicating her love life, and Steve also has some feelings for D.J., even as his relationship with C.J. moves forward."

While D.J. tries to figure which guy she really wants to be with, Stephanie will be dealing with her own struggles.

Stephanie is unable to have children of her own, so viewers will see her wrestling with how so can still bring a baby into her life. Though Franklin wouldn't say what she'll decided to do, he did hint to EW that "by the time we end Season 3 things are a lot different than how they started." Could these mean there will be a new Tanner joining the family by the end of the season? It certainly seems like a possibility.

Additionally, because of Jodie Sweetin's real life injury (she broke her ankle and tibia earlier this year), her character, Stephanie, will also be resigned to crutches for at least the first half the season. Though it hasn't been said yet what the explanation of Stephanie's injury will be, it will be a part of the plot this season. And while there will be some serious things happening this season, fans can still expect to get laughs in Season 3, particularly from Kimmy.

Now that her daughter, Ramona, is entering high school, she wants to distance herself a bit from her mom. Of course, Kimmy won't have any of that. "[Kimmy] goes to great lengths to fit in with Ramona and the teenage crowd, which creates some hilarious and embarrassing situations," Franklin told EW. One of those situations will be a dance-off at Ramona's high school, which will surely be interesting.

Besides the main three ladies, this season will also have recurring appearances from other members of the original Full House cast, including Uncle Jesse (John Stamos), Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin), Danny (Bob Saget), and Joey (Dave Coulier). Unfortunately, Michelle still won't be on the show this season and it's seeming less and less likely that she ever will be.

Franklin recently told Us Weekly that he stopped asking the Olsen twins, who played the youngest Tanner sister, to make a cameo appearance on the show. However, he did say that the door is always open.

For now, viewers can enjoy Part 1 of Season 3 of Fuller House, which is now streaming on Netflix.

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