When Will 'Pretty Little Liars' 7A Be On Netflix? These 7 Shocking Moments Need To Be Seen

Shows like Pretty Little Liars make for perfect streaming: there are a ton of episodes per season, they're addictively watchable, and no wait between episodes means you find out the answers to every mystery a little faster. Currently six seasons of the show are available to watch on Netflix – everything except Season 7, which is airing right now. Season 7 is about to go on break after its summer finale airs August 30 and it'll be a tough few months before the second half of the season starts. You're definitely going to want to catch up on Season 7A before 7B begins sometime next year. So when will Pretty Little Liars 7A be on Netflix?

Unfortunately, it may not be possible to catch up on Season 7 between parts A and B. There isn't a set release date yet, but in the past Netflix uploaded the previous season right before the new one premiered. For example, Season 7 premiered in June and Season 6 was on Netflix just a few weeks before the premiere. That could mean Season 7 won't be uploaded until June 2017, but it would be uploaded in its entirety. However, Season 7 is potentially the final season of the show, so the rules might be different. It's pure speculation, but if Netflix chooses to upload 7A before 7B premieres, then it would likely be sometime in December or January. The premiere date of 7B is unknown for now, but that is typically when the second half of the season begins.

Since you may not be able to catch up on Netflix before Season 7B, here are some of the biggest shockers of Season 7A.

Mary Drake Exists (And Has Another Kid)

As if it wasn't scandalous enough that Jessica DiLaurentis had an identical twin sister who was really Charlotte's biological mother (does anyone else have brain freeze from the DiDrake family tree?), it was revealed that Mary Drake has another mysterious child out there who also might be stalking the Liars as a hobby.

Halebencer Love Triangle

Some of the most heartbreaking moments of the first half of the season involved the knotty relationship dynamics between Spencer, Hanna, and Caleb. Everyone was in love with Caleb, but unfortunately he wasn't in love with Spencer enough, so they called it quits. The door is open for Hanna and Caleb to get back together while Spencer slowly gets over her heartbreak, but it was a tear-filled few weeks while they sorted it out.

Aria And Ezra Get Engaged

It was a big step forward for a couple that, lest we forget, got together when he was her teacher and she was an underage high school student. That's healthy!

Sara Harvey Goes To The Big Shower In The Sky

Ah, Sara Harvey, we knew ye really not very well at all. After being a victim than a villain than maybe a villain with second thoughts, Sara was taken out of the game for good. R.I.P.

Jenna And Noah Return

As the series starts to come to a close, a lot of old faces are coming back and stirring up trouble all over again. Jenna and Noah appeared unexpectedly in Rosewood but it looks like they're deeply involved in whatever it going on in town these days.

The Liars Totally Kill A Guy

Alison's abusive husband Elliott – who was also lying about his identity and his reasons for marrying her – was trying to run off with her with the Liars hot on his trail. Alison woke up from her drugged fugue long enough to make him crash his car, and then Elliott was promptly run down by the girls and buried in an unmarked grave in the woods. You know, like you do.

Jason Has Long Hair Now


Well, this one was important to me, anyway. #Thirsty. He also has a past with Aria that might disrupt those upcoming nuptials. I can't pretend I'm disappointed about that.