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A.D.'s Identity Will Be Revealed Soon On 'PLL'

Pretty Little Liars is quickly coming to an end and whether you've been watching from the beginning or recently binged your way through the series, there's one thing all fans have in common. They want answers. After seven long years of mystery and fake outs, filled with murders and twists, it's time to find out the truth, and the cast and crew of the show have promised that's what fans will get. Viewers will finally learn who killed Charlotte, who her dad is, who Spencer's dad is, and most importantly — the unmasking of A.D. Still, even with that assurance, fans wants to know exactly when Pretty Little Liars will reveal A.D.'s identity.

There are 10 episodes left and the series finale is set to serve as a two-hour movie of sorts. If A.D. won't be revealed until the very end, that still leaves a lot of time before fans finally know the truth. After the Season 7A finale last summer, executive producer Charlie Craig told The Hollywood Reporter that fans won't have to wait until the very end to find out who A.D. is.

"We will have a really good theory about who A.D. is in the second half of the season and pointing in that direction in the last five episodes," Craig said. "We're pretty much nailing it down in my episode, 18, but the question is, are we right?" And once you find out the truth, at long last, there won't be any room for debate. No tricks, no change-ups: what you find out is the real deal.

"Fear not — this is not a situation where we have another season and say, 'Guess what? It's somebody else! We were wrong,'" Craig continued. "When we're done with this season, everybody will know in absolute truth and honesty, who A.D. was, why A.D. was doing it, what their plan was, how they'd hoped to accomplish that plan, what went right, what went wrong with that plan, and if they're alive, what they will do next."

Therefore fans have no reason to worry. The show will not hold out the reveal until the last few minutes of the series finale. Instead, you'll have time to digest, freak out, and even see what A.D.'s next move is. If they're still alive, that is.

Until then, fans can continue to speculate who the ultimate mastermind is. Could it be Wren, who's definitely returning for these final episodes? Is it Melissa who has been a suspect all along? Could Charlotte actually be alive and still messing with the Liars somehow? At this point, it could still be anyone, and with this show it's usually the person you least expect.

The final episodes of Pretty Little Liars begins airing on Tuesday, April 18 at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.