When Will 'Toy Story 4' Be On Disney+? Fans Will Have To Hang Tight A Little Longer


Fans waited a long time between the release of Pixar and Disney's Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4, with nine years passing between the two films. So it's understandable consumers are eager to know when Toy Story 4 will be on Disney+, the company's new streaming app which launched Nov. 12. Unfortunately, it looks like viewers' patience will be tested once again.

Here's the deal: Netflix currently has rights to Toy Story 4, with the movie being available for purchase via DVD or Blu-Ray. This means the project won't hit Disney+ until the deal is over, as the streaming service's Twitter account confirmed in late November.

"Thank you for contacting Disney+," the account tweeted a customer who inquired about Toy Story 4. "I want to apologize for the delayed response. We are just waiting for the rights from Netflix to go up so we can have Toy Story 4 on Disney Plus. Have a Magical Day."

But there's more to this story, as you have to consider the theatrical release timeline. The movie was released in June, meaning it won't likely be available to stream until February 2020 because there's typically an 8-month waiting period between a film's premiere and it's available to stream date, according to Collider.

It's possible Disney+ will move the timeline around, but nothing is confirmed until the streaming service announces an actual date.

In the meantime, Toy Story 4 fans can enjoy original new content with their favorite characters from the series. “I was fortunate enough to produce the Forky Asks a Question series,” Pixar producer Mark Nielson said during an interview with comicbook.com. “These 10 films that we made for Disney+, and there’s another production unit within Pixar that made Lamp Life, the backstory of Bo Peep, before Toy Story 4, and that’s coming out on Disney+.”

So hang tight just a little longer, guys. The new year will be here before you know it.