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When Will Wyatt Appear On 'Westworld'? The Man In Black Is Determined To Find Him

In the past few episodes of Westworld, we've heard a lot about someone named Wyatt. Dr. Robert Ford added Wyatt to Teddy's backstory, claiming that he was a soldier friend of Teddy's until he began hearing what he thought was "the voice of God" in his head, which led to him turning on Teddy and pretty much everyone else. Wyatt is now a formidable villain, but he's also somehow a key piece to the Man in Black finding the maze. Apparently, the Man in Black must find Wyatt to get to the next level of the game, which begs the question when will Wyatt finally appear on Westworld?

One would have to assume Wyatt is going to show up at some point in the near future since the Man in Black (and Teddy, prior to his beatdown) were both looking for him. Teddy may have been destined to fail in his hunt for Wyatt, but the Man in Black is a guest (supposedly) and has had pretty good success so far with the maze. If anyone could find Wyatt it's him. However, based on the preview for the next episode, it looks like Ford may insert himself into the game and prevent the Man in Black from completing the maze. The little girl that gave the Man in Black the clue about the snake did warn him that the maze wasn't for him. Maybe Ford will step in before he goes too far.

Still if Wyatt really is a key to the maze, why would Ford even bothering incorporating him into Teddy's storyline? It seemed like Wyatt was going to be a key player in the new narrative Ford is putting together, but if Wyatt never actually shows up, that doesn't seem like a good narrative to have. Therefore, Wyatt has to appear at some point, and if the Man in Black really is a guest there's not much Ford can do to stop him from finding Wyatt. Hosts, at least in theory, can't hurt guests, and although Ford does seem a bit crazy I doubt he'd go to extremes to prevent the Man in Black from finding Wyatt. Then again, you never really know with this guy.

Depending on how important Wyatt really is, his arrival may be saved for the season finale. Hopefully, though, we'll get to see him sooner than that and finally get some answers.