Where Are The 'AHS' Season 6 Opening Credits? Something Was Missing From The Premiere

by Megan Walsh

A lot of American Horror Story's appeal lies is its style, from the music to the way that it's shot. The opening credits have become a big part of the show, changing every year to suit the theme but always featuring a variation of the same song. However, during the Season 6 premiere they seemed to be missing. Where are the American Horror Story Season 6 opening credits?

It seems like the opening credits have been removed to keep up with the mystery surrounding this year's theme. Even though the first episode has aired, things still aren't totally clear. Instead of American Horror Story, it seems audiences are watching My Roanoke Nightmare, a show about "real life" hauntings in Roanoke, North Carolina. If you look at it that way, it makes sense the normal credits aren't there; instead, there's only the title card for the show within a show. Still, it's pretty disappointing. The credits feel integral to the show, setting the scene and getting your skin crawling before the episode has even kicked into gear. It's just one more sign of how different Season 6 is from the seasons that came before it: from the secret theme to the narrative changes to the differing opening credits.

It may seem crazy that fans still don't quite know what the show is about after an entire episode has aired, but if any show could manage to be this confusing, it's definitely American Horror Story. Though it provided an hour of strange occurrences, familiar actors, and a boatload of creepy setup, the rest of the season is still a big question mark. Will the show continue with this storyline? Will it tell a new story every week? It's impossible to say, and the missing opening credits are just one more signifier of just how huge the changes are this year.

There hasn't been an official explanation for the missing credits as of yet, but it seems fair to assume that it has to do with the show within a show format. If and when AHS Season 6 moves on from My Roanoke Nightmare, the credits could return – but that's as uncertain as the rest of the season.

If Season 6 has any theme at all, "mystery" might be it. The show is obviously going to take the confusion as far as it can, refusing to give its fans any satisfaction. But that's AHS for you: it wouldn't hook our interest as much as it does if it was predictable.