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Here's How You Can Get Free Maternity Clothes — Yes, Really

Pregnancy changes damn near everything, including but not limited to: appetite, mood, the ability to handle other people's moods, and, yes, the way your clothes fit (albeit somewhat temporarily). If you're like me, the idea of purchasing an entirely new wardrobe you will only wear for 40 weeks (more or less) makes you cringe. I mean, it seems like a waste, right? Plus, saving money for your soon-to-be baby is important. So if you've asked, "Where can I get free maternity clothes?" a time or two since you held that positive pregnancy test in your hand, know that you're in good company. You can absolutely rock pregnancy on a budget and, thankfully, there are a few options to get the maternity clothes you need, free of charge.

According to Money Saving Mom — a site dedicated to staying out of debt while raising a family — the most significant piece of advice often ignored by soon-to-be parents is to, of course, simply ask your friend and family members. If anyone you know has been pregnant in the not-so-distant past, it's worth putting a feeler out on social media to see if they'd be willing to loan and/or give away their gently used maternity clothes. You could even offer something up in exchange for some maternity clothes, says Money Saving Mom. It could be something as simple as running an errand (nothing too taxing because, you know, you're growing a human being inside your body) or offering to give away some clothes of your own that you no longer wear or need.

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If asking loved ones for clothes isn't your thing, Penniless Parenting suggests trying a site like Freecycle, which is dedicated to reducing waste by means of donation. The site works by connecting you through various posts on a forum created specifically for this type of exchange. You simply log on, search for a group near you, ask to join, and see if there are any maternity clothes being offered. If there aren't, you can create your own post asking for some. Likewise, as the Penny Hoarder says, by scouring different baby company websites for freebies, you might score big. With a little bit of time, and an internet connection, you never know what free maternity wear you could end up finding.

Also, if you don't have a consignment store nearby, Mama Hippie highlights a website called Swap, a favorite that helps moms-to-be sell clothing they no longer need. Moms can also earn money through referrals to the site, which could help pay or any maternity clothes you want to purchase for yourself.

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Aside from spending a minimal amount at yard sales, Ebay, or thrift stores, the other alternative for "free" maternity clothes is transforming your existing wardrobe. For a few dollars, and little bit of sewing magic, Buzzfeed offers plenty of ideas to take something you already wear and making it "maternity-friendly."

Finding free maternity clot‌hes doesn't have to be stressful. By utilizing existing resources — people you know or clothes you already own — you'll have a closet ready for your pregnancy body in no time.