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This 'Shark Tank' Product Just Made Changing Diapers A Whole Lot Easier

There are so many good products that pop up on Shark Tank, especially for parents. On this week's episode, one couple tries to convince the Sharks to buy into their changing table system. Fans of the product will have to wait to see what the investors end up deciding to do with creators Amy and Michael Perry, but in the meantime, there are already places where you can buy SnoofyBee from Shark Tank, if you really like it.

Right now, you can pick up the $29.99 SnoofyBee and the additional $8.99 carrying bag on the company's website or from Amazon. The Perry's go on the show to ask for more retail opportunities, so depending on their luck, you might see it in other stores very soon. The SnoofyBee was inspired by their own five babies, who often wrestled around on the table while being changed. The Perry's write on the company's website:

When our oldest son was 6 months old, the minute his diaper came off, both little hands shot down to investigate. As time went on, every diaper change became a wrestling match. Eventually, the only way for us to win was to tag team the little guy. He hated it. We hated it.

So, with the help of grandma, they say, they created the SnoofyBee.

You know how you can put a cone around a dog's head to keep it from licking its wounds? That's sort of what the SnoofyBee does for babies. The polyurethane coated pad wraps around the baby, keeping their hands from getting in the way and making the bottom area totally accessible.

The product is easy to clean, portable, and PVC free. It also comes in a couple different patterns. Even if your baby isn't making a total mess when you change them, the SnoofyBee is also just a nice, big, cushioned pad for your baby, so when you're out and about, there's always a clean, comfy place to change them.

Customers are pretty pleased with their purchases so far. On Amazon, one verified purchaser wrote in a review:

We have a 7-month-old who loves to put his hands down his pants as we change his diapers. Poopie [sic] diapers were the hardest to change and they required two people, one to entertain baby and hold his hands and the other one to change the diaper. With this new pad he is happy is his little "cone" entertained by toys that we clipped to the rings.

It's also great for special needs kids or infants with medial devices. One mom wrote on Amazon:

I have a child with a feeding tube. Changing diapers is a challenge because the moment I start her little hands go straight to pulling on the tube. With the SnoofyBee I can now change her diaper without worrying about her pulling on her tube or getting messy. This product is great for children with special needs and who have tubes coming from their body. I recommend it to everyone.

Overall, on Amazon the SnoofyBee has a five-star rating and the only complaint is that for some buyers, the top of the pad seemed a little snug on their baby's tummy. One parent wrote that they try to keep it as loose as possible and add a blanket in between the pad and the baby's skin, so there are work arounds.

It's a good solution to a common problem. Not only does your baby stay out of the way, the SnoofyBee is a good travel changing pad, and they can still see their parents' faces as they get all cleaned up, so it's pretty drama free. One of the Sharks is bound to see the potential.

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