The Revolutionary Beebo Feeder Is Finally For Sale

by Laura Hankin

Odds are that at some point while bottle-feeding a baby, you've wished desperately for a third hand. While that's probably not medically viable or advisable, a new solution is almost as good — The Beebo, a product that will change the way you feed your little ones. So where can you buy The Beebo? Luckily, it's available online, so you can get to revolutionizing feeding time ASAP.

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For parents wondering what all the fuss is about, the concept is simple. The Beebo is a pediatrician-approved bottle holder that moms and dads can wear over their shoulder. It can be rotated to find the right feeding angle, and then rotated out of the way if necessary to burp or play with a baby. Meanwhile, parents can use the hand they otherwise would've devoted to holding that bottle to do all sorts of things, like reading the baby a book, eating their own dinner, buttoning an older child's jacket, or (hey, why not?) practicing juggling. The possibilities are endless. It's a multi-tasker's dream.

The Beebo is available in three colors and retails for $29.99. Curious parents can most easily find it by using the handy-dandy internet to order from the official Beebo website, or get The Beebo from Amazon, where it currently has a four-star rating.

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The inventor of The Beebo, Martin Hill, came up with it, he said in an INSIDER Design video on Facebook this week:

When my little boy was about six months old. He started getting really fussy during bottle feeding times. I noticed that he was super chilled out and mellow whenever I read a book to him. So I came up with this idea of something that held a bottle in place over my shoulder so I had a free hand to hold a book.

And, according to Hill, The Beebo hasn't just been useful to parents wanting to read during bottle time. He's heard from people with arthritis, or parents missing limbs, who were able to use his invention to have more of an ability to bond with their babies during feedings.

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Hill brought his invention to Shark Tank back in 2015, where actor Ashton Kutcher and QVC's Lori Greiner jumped at the chance to invest in the product. After the episode aired, parents all over started wondering where they could get a Beebo of their own.

With all these positives to The Beebo experience, it won't be surprising if the products soon becomes ubiquitous, and parents are able to find it anywhere baby products are sold.