Where To Buy The 'Feminist Baby' Book

Every pregnant feminist mother dreams of the day her kid will grow up to be an empowered feminist adult — but most think that their first opportunity will arise when they buy gender-neutral clothes or impart some wisdom about the superficiality of gendered toys. Thanks to Loryn Brantz's hilarious new book, Feminist Baby, though, you can now teach your little bundle about feminism even sooner. If you're wondering where you can buy the Feminist Baby book so you can get started ASAP, I've compiled a list of a few helpful places to find it below.

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Brantz, a long-time designer and illustrator, first came up with the idea for Feminist Baby when she was looking for woke baby shower gifts. However, she couldn't find any feminist media geared towards 0- to 2-year-olds. "I wanted to write a book that I would want to give to my friends’ babies, and to my own possible future babies," Brantz told Scary Mommy recently. She continued:

I think it at least sends the message that you can introduce these concepts and words to children early on and have it be a part of their lives from the get-go.

If you're looking to buy a copy (for your own wee one or for a friend's), here's a few places you can find Feminist Baby:


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Ah, the easiest place to online shop ever. Luckily for the lazy like me, Feminist Baby is on sale on Amazon for only $12.99 (or just $8.47 if you're a Prime member, or — as I like to call it — an Amazon keener).


If you've got an Indigo loyalty card, you're in luck: Feminist Baby is available for $13.99 in store or $12.51 online. If you visit Indigo, you can even see which stores near you have the book in stock, making it easy-peasy to go pick a copy up.


If you want to support independent booksellers, I proudly applaud you. To buy Feminist Baby from an indie bookstore, enter your zip code on the IndieBound website to find an independent store with Feminist Baby in stock near you. Or just use their website to order the book online for $12.99.

Barnes & Noble

Order Feminist Baby from Barnes & Noble online for $8.63, or check different stores' availability of the book on the Barnes & Noble website.

Powell's Books

Powell's Books has Feminist Baby on sale both online and in store for $12.99, with a helpful little online table that lets you know each store's availability of the book.

Ordered the book but still antsy? It's okay — you and your little one can browse Brantz's Instagram profile for original artwork and a sneak peak at the book itself in the meantime.

Now that you've got Feminist Baby headed your way, get ready to smash the patriarchy with your adorable, empowered little baby by your side. Because when you're raising the next generation of badasses, it helps to have some funny board books to help you out.