Jon & Rachel From '90 Day Fiance' May Have Gotten Married Twice

Rachel and Jon may have their drama, but they seem like the most stable couple on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days to me. After all, despite all of their drama, they are committed to making their relationship work, and seem to have gotten hitched. So, where did Jon and Rachel get married on 90 Day Fiancé? Eagle-eyed fans may have discovered evidence about the couple's wedding before it appears on the show.

On the show, Rachel is planning for her wedding to Jon several months after her first visit to England when the couple got engaged. Rachel explains to the cameras that because of Jon's criminal history he cannot get a visa to come to the United States. So the wedding will have to be in England, even though that means many of Rachel's friends and family members won't be able to afford to attend. That doesn't mean they're not supportive, though. The episode also showed Rachel shopping for wedding dresses with her best friend amidst all the visa drama.

Rachel may have bought her dress, there are still a lot of plans that need to be finalized. It all must have come together, though, because some sleuths in the 90 Day Fiancé fanbase actually snooped out two different marriage certificates. Starcasm dug up English court records and found a marriage certificate for Jon and Rachel from Jon's home county of Cornwall, England. It was dated May 31, 2018. This aligns with Rachel's wedding plans that she described on the show.

Interestingly, the UK marriage certificate is not the only certificate fans found. Redditor JonInCa appears to have uncovered a certificate for Jon and Rachel from Rachel's home state of New Mexico. This one was dated June 8, a little over a week after the England certificate. Of course, I would take both of these certificates with a grain of salt because neither Jon and nor Rachel have confirmed their authenticity. But considering that Rachel is planning a wedding in the U.K. on the show, Starcasm may have been on to something.

But if Jon and Rachel really did married in the United States, does this mean that Jon is allowed in the country now? I'm not an expert, but looking at UK to U.S. marriage immigration laws, the UK citizen can receive a special visa called the CR-1 Spousal Visa after they marry the U.S. citizen; this would enable them to enter the U.S. The catch is, this visa application takes seven to 10 months. That's certainly longer than the week between Jon and Rachel's supposed UK and U.S. marriage certificates, so there's a few options here. Either the two received a U.S. certificate by proxy, or Starcasm is full of it.

But even if they're married now — in the U.S., UK, or both — their problems may not be over. During last Sunday's episode, Rachel and Jon also spoke to an immigration lawyer about getting Jon a visa.

The lawyer explained that after their marriage, the immigrant visa would enable Jon to eventually get a green card, but it could be a three-year process, or even be denied. In the meantime, Rachel would not be able to live with Jon in England because she shares custody of her older daughter with her daughter's father. This means Rachel and Jon might have to endure a long-term separation.

Fans saw how close Jon and Rachel became in their two weeks together, and how their whirlwind romance culminated in a proposal (though I suppose it's not really "whirlwind" because they dated long-distance for a year prior). Fans will have to continue watching this season of Before the 90 Days to see if they'll have to go back to being thousands of miles apart.