Where Do I Send My Tommee Tippee Cup To Get A Replacement? It's A Simple Process

3.1 million Tommee Tippee sippy cups across the United States and Canada are being voluntary recalled by brand Mayborn USA, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Five spill-proof Tommee Tippee cups are part of the recall, with each version containing a removable white valve on its lid. So far, Mayborn USA has received over 3,000 reports of mold in the valve and 68 reports of vomiting and diarrhea. If your toddler's cup is part of the recall but you love the brand, you might be wondering where to send your Tommee Tippe cup in order to get a (safe) replacement.

I'm glad you asked, because Mayborn USA is replacing all affected cups for their customers. If your toddler's cup (or cups) were affected by the recall, there are a few steps you should take in order to get a replacement. First of all, you'll want to make sure you have one of the Tommee Tippee cup included in the recall — specifically, one of the five recalled cups with a single-piece, removable white valve (all other Tommee Tippee cups are safe to continue using). If yours is included, stop using the affected cup right away, even if you haven't had any problems with it so far.

Now it's time to get your replacement. As part of its recall, Mayborn USA is collecting the old cup lids (with valves), so you'll need to send those back to receive your replacement. If you already tossed the cup's valve when you heard the news of the recall, you can send in the rest of the lid instead. (If you tossed the entire cup, I hope you held onto your receipt, because that's the third-best, and last, option for receiving a replacement.)

If you've got one (or all) of those three things, proceed to fill out Mayborn USA's online form to receive a replacement. After filling in some basic information, you get to select between the Transition Straw Cup or the Trainer Sippee Cup, which are for children six months and older. The lids from both cup replacement options can be used on your existing Tommee Tippee cup bases, although you'll receive the full cup replacement. (If you select the Transition Straw Cup and plan to use it with other Tommee Tippee bases, make sure the straw is the appropriate length for your existing bases.)

Once you've submitted a form, you'll receive an email from UPS Quantum View with a paid shipping label and a tracking number. Put your old lids and valves in a small box or bag, ship it using the label Mayborn USA gave you, and track it (if you'd like) on its way back to Tommee Tippee. Once they receive it, the company coordinating replacements for Mayborn USA, Realtime Results, will send you a second email with a new tracking number, so you can monitor the replacements heading your way.

If you filled out the form and didn't hear back after five days, or you have any other questions, get in touch with Mayborn USA's careline at 1-877-248-6922. While the Tommee Tippee recall isn't good news, being able to replace the defective lids with brand-new cups helps ease the pain.