Rachel & Jon May Be Long Distance Again After '90 Day Fiance'

Jon and Rachel are one of the couples on 90 Day Fiancé that seem to be actually pretty in-tune with each other, and that was exemplified by their engagement. There is one question that can stir up drama, though: Where do Rachel and Jon live after 90 Day Fiancé? Before the show, Jon couldn't legally enter the United States.

Rachel and Jon haven't officially stated where they live yet, and it's actually a point of tension for them. Jon applied for a visa while he and Rachel were dating, but he was denied due to his criminal record. While there's an idea that Rachel can just live in England, then, that wouldn't exactly work. Rachel shares custody of her older daughter with the girl's father, so she can't exactly pick up and leave. While Lucy's father is no longer in Rachel's life, her other daughter's father is.

Speaking of which, there may be a hint on Rachel's Instagram that could help fans figure out where they are now. Recently, Rachel posted a photo of "the desert life" and one photo of her older daughter, who has to live in the states. Now, I don't know everything about England, but I do know it's not a desert — but New Mexico, Rachel's home state, largely is. Furthermore, her daughter is in the US because of the custody agreement Rachel discussed on the show. It seems, then, that Rachel is in Albuquerque. Jon's Instagram account, unfortunately, doesn't give away anything — as his photos are primarily throwbacks from his and Rachel's time together during Before the 90 Days filming.

Furthermore, in an interview with Good Housekeeping, Rachel confirmed that she won't move to England full-time. She cited the reason she stayed on the show: "I have an 8 year old and I will not leave her. It’s a custody thing." In the interview, both she and Jon discussed how difficult it was for them to actually meet in person. Jon told Good Housekeeping, "At the time, we thought that I was going to come to America. That whole year was a really tough. It was a really tough year. I couldn’t get to America."

Well, that obviously didn't happen. The two looked for help online, which actually led them to appearing on 90 Day Fiancé. Rachel explained, "We were on [long-distance relationship] support groups on Facebook, and we shared our story. A casting agent from the show contacted us [through social media] and asked us to be a part of the show."

The couple were also cheeky about their current relationship status. Rachel said, "We cannot confirm that we’re still together. I’m not saying what the outcome is, but I would [travel back and forth] forever." Jon answered, "Let’s be honest…I would move anywhere. I’d go live in Mexico [to be with her]. It doesn’t bother me." That certainly confirms fans' speculations that the two are still together, but it's still up in the air as to where exactly they'll live. Because of Rachel's older daughter, it makes sense that the two would move to the United States. But then there's the visa problem with Jon.

I'm not an immigration expert by any means, but if Rachel and Jon are engaged or married, wouldn't the K-1 visa (which the whole show is centered around) allow him to enter the US? And wouldn't Jon eventually get his green card? I don't know, but I'm sure the couple have looked into it plenty. Rachel's not showing off whether Jon is with her yet as to not spoil the show, but perhaps they have now figured out their living arrangement. Fans will have to keep up with Before the 90 Days to see how they solve the long-distance issue.