Here's What Adam Busby Does For Work When He's Not Caring For The Quints

Between raising their 3-year-old quintuplets, their 7-year-old daughter, and starring in TLC's OutDaughtered, Adam and Danielle Busby have plenty to keep them busy. But on top of that, they have both found the time to be working parents. With the show's focus on raising the quints, fans may be wondering: Where does Adam Busby work?

Even though Adam is a reality TV star (well, the quints are really the stars — let's just say he's a supporting character), he's still a regular dude with a regular job and a regular LinkedIn profile. According to his LinkedIn, Adam is a Key Account Manager for Texas-based company Intrinsic Solutions / Sprint Safety, where he has been working since 2006. In general, an account manager is a liaison between their company and specific clients, according to Mediabistro.

The company, which is known as Spring Industrial Holdings on its website, manages three smaller companies that "provide specialized industrial equipment and services to the upstream, downstream and midstream sectors of the energy industry." The language on the website is a bit vague, but it seems like the company is part of the process of oil and gas drilling.

Adam is not listed on the leadership team page on the company's website, but that doesn't mean he isn't getting solid benefits. According to the careers page, Spring Industrial Holdings employees all get a "rich" PTO policy, paid holidays, affordable health insurance for their families, disability coverage, and a 401K plan.

But still, it's unlikely that one account manager's salary is enough to support six growing children, five of whom will likely all be starting college the same year. Luckily, Danielle is bringing in another income for the family as an independent beauty consultant, according to her bio on TLC's website. Danielle works for Rodan + Fields, a skincare company — and her husband has made that fact very clear to any haters criticizing her for seemingly not having a job.

But interestingly, Danielle's LinkedIn says that since 2008, she has been a Project Coordinator Team Lead for AP Networks, a company that works with petroleum, chemical, and energy companies, as per its website. Looks like the petroleum industry runs in the family...

That being said, it's likely that Danielle used to work for AP Networks, but forgot to make that change on LinkedIn. (To be fair, she has been rather busy.) OutDaughtered has chronicled many days where Danielle is home alone with her six daughters while Adam is out at work, so it would be pretty shocking if she was somehow squeezing in a full-time job over the past few years that never made it onto the show.

And on top of all that, last year, the couple opened a Rush Cycle in their hometown of League City, Texas. Rush Cycle is a cycling studio franchise, according to its website. "Grand opening day ribbon cutting!!! What a blast we had celebrating," Danielle captioned a video of the opening on Instagram. "Thank you everyone who came out today! We ❤️ our community! #RushLCTX."

After opening their Rush Cycle last year, Danielle opened up about the venture in a blog post on It's A Buzz World. "In September 2016 Adam and I decided to jump on board and start a new adventure with our greatest of friends, Priscilla & Todd Hartranft ... and Kylie & Pete Ilieski," she wrote. "And what might have that adventure been?? Something as simple and easy... *wink wink… as opening up our OWN BUSINESS!!"

I truly don't understand how the Busbys find the time to work multiple jobs, film for OutDaughtered, and raise their six daughters, but it seems like they have things under control.