Where Does Brianna Jaramillo Live Now? The ‘Teen Mom Young & Pregnant’ Star Has Moved

Teen Mom Young & Pregnant star Brianna Jaramillo has experienced a lot of life changes through the past few years, notably the birth of her son, Braeson, in August 2017. But just when you thought Jaramillo's life couldn't get any more hectic, the 18-year-old moved states. So, where does Brianna Jaramillo live now?

In Season 1 of Teen Mom Young & Pregnant big changes were afoot for Jaramillo's mother, who planned to relocate from the family's home in West Allis, Wisconsin to Oregon. Although Jaramillo wasn't too upset about the move, she wasn't sure how she'd keep things afloat with her boyfriend, Robert Reams, if she joined her mom in The Beaver State. Jaramillo even asked Reams to move with her, but it looks like that didn't work out because his Facebook lists "West Allis, Wisconsin" as his current location. Oh well.

Despite what might be going on with Reams at the moment, it sounds like Jaramillo is adjusting to her new home in Newberg, Oregon just fine. Case in point: Jaramillo's sister, Vanessa Jaramillo, recently traveled to Newberg to help her take care of Braeson.

"I recently spent a week in oregon helping my sister babysit braeson. Iwas scared that he might forget me after moving away, but this trip proved that he’ll never forget his auntie," Jaramillo captioned an October Instagram post. "He was so ecstatic to see me and it felt as if i never left. My sweetie pie💝 #obsessedwithmynephew#hegotsobigsofast." Too cute.

Vanessa also talked about how difficult it was to say goodbye to Braeson, writing: "It’s so hard to say goodbye to my nephew, and it’s even harder the second time around. I promise i’ll be back soon my sweet lovebug🐛💝."

Jaramillo took to Instagram to express sadness about Vanessa's departure, stating on Instagram:

I don’t talk much about my sister. But her leaving me to back to her home in mke was really hard. @finessa.vanessa you have been a huge role model and my best friend. You have taken care of me and had my back through everything. We have had our fights and we definitely disagree on things but I love you with all my heart. I wouldn’t be the same person I am today if it wasn’t for you. You have helped me grow and become a better person, you have taught me to love myself and you always remind me how amazing I am. You are the best sister ever Vanessa and you are the most amazing person I know. 😞💖💖💖💖 I miss you so much but I know you’ll do great things!☺️😘.

Of course, Jaramillo has countless fans to see her through these growing pains. After Jaramillo took to Instagram on Oct. 16 to tease her "big move," many people took to the post's comments section to send her words of encouragement.

"Good luck with the move," one person wrote.

Another fan chimed in, referencing Braeson's disability:

Hey I live in Washington and my daughter is disabled and I got her involved in a program called birth to 3 and it has helped my daughter so much and all the therapists are so helpful and amazing. Hopefully they have the same thing in Oregon.

"Welcome to our beautiful state!" one viewer commented.

No matter what happens with Jaramillo's move, it's clear she's surrounded by a lot of love. Good luck with everything, momma.