Bill Inoshita/CBS

Jessica Graf's Life Pre-'Big Brother' Is Very Glam

Before they moved into the Big Brother house, the cast lived regular lives doing every day jobs. So where does Jessica on Big Brother work? According to her Big Brother bio, she's a VIP concierge in Los Angeles, California but it's hard to know where exactly she works.

Though Jessica keeps her social media accounts public, she's not very open about where she works, which is probably a smart move since she works with high end clients. Working in L.A. it wouldn't be surprising if she works with some celebrities and she'd most likely get in trouble if she blabbed about what she does at work.

Wherever she works, it probably pays pretty well, especially working with the VIPs. However, Jessica may not need to have a good paying job to fall back on, since she could win $500,000 at the end of this summer. After going through a tough week without her "boyfriend" Cody in the house, Jessica has now risen back to the top with power.

Not only did Cody battle his way back into the house, Jessica was given the final temptation from America. The temptation, aptly called the Halting Hex, will allow Jessica to stop any of the next four evictions, preventing anyone from going home that night. Jessica didn't use it when she was on the block next to Dominique so she still has it in her arsenal.

Jessica then went on to win the head-of-household competition so she doesn't need to use the Halting Hex this week either. Instead, she and Cody will have guaranteed safety for another two weeks, and if Cody can pull out the HOH win on Thursday that'll give them another week of safety. In summary, these two are sitting pretty at the moment.

However, although Jessica has the power this week she and Cody may repeat their past mistakes. Jessica has put Ramses and Josh on the block this week, and while Josh is definitely a threat to her and Cody's game, one could argue Paul is the bigger threat. Jess is trying not to repeat Cody's mistakes by not rocking the boat too much, but by playing it safe she may put herself and Cody in jeopardy.

Hopefully, Jessica is able to take out a big threat this week because if she doesn't and Cody doesn't win HOH, she'll have to use the Halting Hex next week and after that all her power will be gone. Fans will just have to wait and see what Jessica chooses to do.