Craig Sjodin/ABC

Exciting 'Bachelor' Destinations Are In Store

One thing I love about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is seeing where the show takes its star and the group of men or women vying for their heart each season. Typically, viewers can expect to see a wide variety of locales, and they're almost always scenic, unique places. The most recent installment, JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, for instance, filmed in Uruguay, Buenos Aires, and Thailand – in addition to the final four's stateside hometowns. With the reveal of the full season preview video, we now have some hints and confirmations about where Nick travels on The Bachelor this season. The promo, at over four minutes long, features both beachside scenes and snowy landscapes. It's also filled with drama, bikinis, and cocktail dresses, so it's pretty much par for the course for any given season of The Bachelor.

Much of the promo focuses on Liz Sandoz's secret hook-up with Nick at the wedding of Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, as well as Corinne Olympios' apparent "sexy-villainess" antics. Between the tears, make-outs, and even a slap, we also catch glimpses of a few very different destinations. The only place mentioned by name is Finland, when Nick and Rachel give a toast to the country on an apparent one-on-one date in front of a roaring fire.

Finland is featured quite a bit in the promo, which includes an opening bird's-eye shot of the landscape followed by a bundled-up Nick contemplatively walking in the snow alone. Later in the video, we also see Nick and one of his ladies (obscured by a red winter hat) on a reindeer ride, which is definitely a thing in Nordic countries like Finland. Near the end, the Northern Lights are seen over a snowy tree-filled landscape, which also was definitely filmed in Finland.

In addition to cozy fireside dates, there's also plenty of frolicking in the sea – which means that at some point, the group is heading somewhere more tropical than chilly Finland. That gorgeous beach location is unconfirmed, but rumor has it that part of the season filmed in St. Thomas, so those shots probably take place there. Has there ever been such a temperature disparity in Bachelor destinations within one season? I doubt it.

Finally, the season is sure to feature a few different stateside settings as well. There's a brief shot of the women dancing with Nick on a street that's clearly in New Orleans. At some point, the remaining women will also be traveling to Nick's hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to meet his family. Viewers will also see Nick in four of his contestants' hometowns, when we get down to the final four near the end of the season. If either Vanessa Grimaldi or Hailey Merkt make it to the final four, that means the show will be heading north to Montreal or Vancouver (respectively).

While most viewers have already fantasy-drafted their picks and are rooting for certain contestants to make it, one thing is for sure – we've got some beautiful scenery in store for us this season, no matter who Nick bestows roses upon.