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Where Does Rachel Live Now After 'The Bachelorette'? She Could Leave Her Hometown


Signing up to be the next Bachelorette can be a seriously life-changing decision, and not just because you might end up engaged at the end of it. The franchise takes normal people living their ordinary lives and thrusts them into the public eye, which is a big adjustment for anybody. Though many of the contestants from the series start off living in their hometowns and keeping up with their regular jobs, their time on the show can change that. More than a few former Bach contestants have relocated to Los Angeles and taken up Instagram modeling. But what about new Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay? Where does Rachel live now after The Bachelorette? She could very well end up leaving her hometown.

Rachel is a lawyer who lives and works in Dallas, and so far it's hard to tell if that has changed. Filming already ended for Rachel, but her season of The Bachelorette has only just begun airing. She's keeping most of the revealing details to a minimum, though she did admit to getting engaged to one of her suitors from the show. Rachel's social media accounts still describe her as a Dallas-based attorney, but that might not be the case forever. Either she or her fiancé (or both of them) could end up moving to be closer to each other. And Rachael must have had to take a lot of time off work to film for the show, so if she's still at her job then it's a very understanding firm. She is still featured on her law firm's website, so there's a possibility that she might return to her job following the show.

It's also hard to get a handle on where exactly Rachel's home base is at the moment. Though a few months ago she was still in Dallas, that has changed over the last few weeks. She's been in Los Angeles for a little while now, but that just could be because she has so much promo to do for the show. Until the dust settles at the end of the season, pretty much everything could be in flux.

And there are no hints about who she might have chosen, because they haven't necessarily picked where they're going to make their home. According to Nick Viall, after the show ended, he and fiancée Vanessa had to keep their meetings secret. They usually met in a production-approved safe house, like spies. Knowing that makes it even harder to pin down where Rachel is living these days.

But no matter where Rachel ended up, it seems like she's found happiness, which is the most important thing.