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Tyler & Hannah Still Don't Live In The Same City, So Now What?

Bachelor Nation is still reeling from, if very pleased by, the results of Hannah Brown's "After the Final Rose" special, where, after calling off her engagement to Jed, she asked her runner-up out on a date. But the unexpected love story leaves a lot of questions up in the air, like, for example, where Tyler from The Bachelorette lives, and how the pair will date outside the show. Fans of the season know Tyler's hometown is Jupiter, FL, and although his somewhat dated LinkedIn profile still lists him as a resident there, Tyler's Instagram offers a little more insight on his current location.

Tyler is currently repped as a model in both New York and Miami, according to his Instagram bio, so it would appear that he splits his time between those two cities. He's also been visiting New York a ton in recent weeks, doing advocacy work on behalf of ABC Food Tours. The organization takes socioeconomically marginalized students on tours of New York City restaurants, drumming up interest in the food industry and offering career education. Hannah, of course, is a native of Tuscaloosa, AL, but many Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants pack up and move to Los Angeles after their seasons air to pursue the lucrative post-show influencer life.

It's entirely possible that both Hannah and Tyler could end up in LA together. They were hugely popular stars with plenty of avenues for creative projects. In fact, one of the things Hannah worried about with picking singer/songwriter Jed is that they both had creative aspirations, while Tyler had a steadier contracting job. Tyler could have given her a little more financial breathing room to pursue more creative goals.

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Typically, Bachelor/Bachelorette couples come into "After the Final Rose" with a plan for where they'll live. It's much more than a logistics obstacle to overcome, too; I think it's fair to say that Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi's relationship a few seasons ago suffered greatly under the pressure of their international divide. Nick lived in Los Angeles, where he was pursuing his Bachelor-related fame, including a stint on Dancing With the Stars, while Vanessa worked as a teacher in Canada. Neither of them particularly wanted to move to another country to pursue their relationship, but eventually, Vanessa decided to put her teaching career on hold and move to LA to be with Nick.

In an interview following their breakup, Vanessa told People that "it wasn't the distance" that ultimately ended their relationship. She insisted that her move to the States came with the full support of her family. But it definitely didn't seem to make things easier on the couple, either.

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As for Hannah and Tyler, the "After the Final Rose" special filmed live in Los Angeles, so for now, the two are in the same city at the same time. Presumably, they'll catch up for their drink date in LA. But if Hannah needs more time to process her Jed breakup, then it might be a bit of a challenge for her and Tyler to make the long-distance thing work between Alabama and Florida. (Although the distance could be a lot worse.) For now, fans are shipping Hannah and Tyler with some cautious optimism.