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Vanessa's Instagram Gives Clues To Her Whereabouts

After a tumultuous trip to St. Thomas, Nick Viall is somehow down to only six women on The Bachelor, and yet, he's still a ticket-carrying passenger on the struggle bus. Sending home three women at once under somewhat unexpected circumstances (i.e., none of them happened during a rose ceremony) seems to have seriously messed with his head. Fans are looking for clues that he stuck it out on the show, including keeping a close eye on early favorite Vanessa. She's a Montreal native, but she admitted that she'd be willing to relocate. So where does Vanessa live after The Bachelor? Thankfully, we have plenty of clues to sift through.

Vanessa is still in the running as of Week 7, but the disastrous trip during Week 6 has Nick feeling really nihilistic about ~the process~ of it all. He seems to be doubting whether he can really make it work with any of the women he has left, including the special education teacher from Montreal whom he found so captivating on their first date that he kissed her after she threw up during a zero gravity plane ride. (If that doesn't bode well for true love, I don't know what does.) There are other standout favorites left, too, like attorney Rachel and neonatal nurse Danielle M. But what really seems to be throwing everyone off is that the season's villain Corinne is also still in the running. It's leading the other women to question how serious Nick is about finding a partner, which, in turn, has Nick questioning how serious he is about finding a partner.

From Vanessa's rather woodsy and snow-filled Instagram presence, we know that she's been in Montreal since the premiere of the show. She seems to be spending a lot of time with family, which could account for her just visiting. But she also posted a photo with her students just a week ago, which makes it seem like she's in a pretty settled place. Given the nature of her work, it's unlikely she'd be rattling the stability of their environment by flitting in and out.

As we know, the Bachelor and the lucky recipient of his final rose are sworn to keep their relationship under wraps until the finale airs, which is months after the show actually finishes shooting. This usually means clandestine visits made incognito to prevent eagle-eyed fans from spotting them out together. If Vanessa does wind up being Nick's final pick, it's probably super tricky for them to maintain a long distance relationship between Montreal and Los Angeles, to say nothing of the secrecy that must accompany it. On the bright side, it's likely nothing compared to how hard Nick had it in St. Thomas.