Paul Hebert/ABC

Has Anyone Seen Chris Harrison On This Season's 'Bachelorette'?

What would Bachelor Nation be without its beloved president and keeper of the peace, Chris Harrison? He hasn't been around quite as much as in seasons past and quite frankly, I feel fine. Where has Chris Harrison been all season on The Bachelorette? Without his sage advice, how is Rachel Lindsay supposed to make her final choice? How has she made it this far?

As the host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Harrison has a few usual duties. He hands out date cards, he gives contestants keys to the fantasy suites, he presides over rose ceremonies, and delivers messages to the contestants on behalf of the lead such as, "The Bachelorette has decided to cancel the cocktail party tonight and have a pool party instead." He will also sit down with the lead and discuss the difficult decisions she's had to make or interview her about what she's feeling and thinking and what she's going to do next. Except on this season, we've seen a whole lot less of that. Date cards are left on small tables for contestants to find, Rachel interviews herself about her feelings, and rose ceremonies have basically been dispensed with altogether. What is this show without Chris Harrison to keep it together?

Well, it's basically the same show, to be honest. Which begs the larger question, what does Chris Harrison even do on this show? I'm sure he collects a paycheck, and I'm sure it's substantial, but I've seen him less on this season than I saw Matt (It is Matt, right?). As it turns out, the show doesn't really need him to point to the single rose left on the table and solemnly tell the contestants, "There's one rose left." A table is just as effective at delivering date cards as Chris Harrison, and let's be honest, it's not like he can give the lead any real or practical advice. If Harrison said anything more substantial than "Follow your heart," it would mess with all the drama and dynamics of the show. It's not like he can say to her, the way I would like to, "I don't know why but there's something about Bryan that makes him seem a little sleazy."

The less Chris Harrison shows up on The Bachelorette, the more convinced I become that he's not actually necessary to the show at all. Let the leads run their own show. After all, Harrison isn't the one getting engaged at the end of all this.