'A Very Nutty Christmas' Has *Very* Magical Scenery

Warning — the Christmas season is officially around the corner whether you're ready or not and with all the gift-buying and caroling (do people still do that?), there are all the original holiday specials, and movies. If you ask me, that's what really makes it feel like Christmas. The programming is even better when some of your favorite celebs partake. Such is the case with Melissa Joan Hart and Barry Watson's newest movie for Lifetime. With such an amazing backdrop, where is A Very Nutty Christmas set?

So it looks like there's no specific info on the exact town where A Very Nutty Christmas is set, but it was shot in Connecticut this spring, according to co-writer, Keith Giglios. That doesn't take away from the gorgeous scenery in the promo. If there's snow, lush trees, and holiday bows around town, I'm all in. A Very Nutty Christmas follows a tireless bakery store owner, Kate Holiday (Hart). She's more like a workaholic who has no time for any Christmas magic (perfect setup, BTW). Then suddenly her boyfriend breaks up with her out of nowhere at the same time she has an order of 12,000 cookies to fill before Christmas. Uh, yikes. Just one of those things would be enough for me to tap out but Kate isn't the "give up" type. Of course all of this stress cancels out any shred of Christmas cheer, understandably. While she may not give up on baking cookies, she's pretty much over Christmas. Same, girl, same.

So of course, something magical has to happen or this would be a pretty depressing movie. Kate hangs the last ornament on her tree and goes to bed only to wake the next day to the same magic she'd lost. It comes in the form of a magical nutcracker soldier named Chip (Watson) who could very well be the Nutcracker Prince from Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker. This isn't some wooden figure standing in front of her, but a real man sent to revive cynical Kate's Christmas joy. Oh, and they probably, most likely, fall in love. I can't get into how that would work, logistically, with a magical figurine-turned-human, so you might want to tune in to see if their romance somehow survives the holiday, or if Chip transforms back once Kate's re-discovered the magic again. It could prove heartbreaking, but only time will tell.

Both Hart and Watson are super on their own, so pairing them in a fun, holiday film? Has to be magic.

Regardless of what your holiday plans entail, I recommend making time for A Very Nutty Christmas. While the exact location may not be revealed until you watch the movie, the Connecticut vibes may inspire you to buy your own nutcracker. You know — just in case things like that can actually happen.

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