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This 'Bachelor' Pageant Queen Lived Near George Washington's Ferry Farm

Only four women remain on Season 23 of The Bachelor, which means Colton's going to have to give his final rose sooner rather than later. After an onslaught of women self-eliminated, were sent home, or became the center of even more drama, there's one you should know all the facts about before deciding whether she'll become the future Mrs. Underwood or not. Honestly, if you don't already know where Caelynn is from, why she received the first on-screen kiss, or which pageant title she holds, let me catch you up before things get really real.

As former Miss North Carolina 2018, and first runner-up at Miss USA, you'd think she's from North Carolina. Nope. Caelynn is actually a Fredericksburg, Virginia native where she attended Virginia Commonwealth University about an hour away, earning a degree in broadcast journalism. Those skills probably came in handy during the interview portions of those pageants. Though she's right in the Mid-Atlantic region of the east coast, Caelynn has flown to Japan for a first date and considers Napa a "small taste of Italy," according to her ABC bio. Basically, she likes to throw the names of cool places around because, why not?

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Fredericksburg itself is situated on the Rappahannock River in Virginia, south of Washington, D.C. and is well known for its colonial and Civil War history. In fact, thousands of Union soldiers are buried in Fredericksburg National Cemetery. If you're super into war history, check out George Washington's Ferry Farm, which is the farm and home where the former president spent a lot of his childhood. Though it's actually across from Fredericksburg, sounds like a hometown Bachelor-date waiting to happen, if you ask me.

All the cool historical stuff aside, Caelynn's personality and hometown likability shows through — even past all the recent drama involving Caelynn and Cassie. In case you forgot, rumors started circulating that some of the women aren't there for "the right reasons." And some have been making insinuations about Caelynn's potential interest in becoming the next Bachelorette (she has denied this). And because Kirpa and Tayshia weren't the only ones to have brought these concerns to Colton's attention, it obvs made Colton question everything he thought he knew about the ladies and the relationships he has with each women. So much so, it made for a few dramatic scenes like supposed fence-jumping (yet to air) and lots of tears. It's all in a day for a Bachelor Nation contestant.

Prior to that drama, Caelynn was in another feud with fellow pageant queen and Bachelor contestant, Hannah B. Regardless of all of this negativity, Caelynn's Instagram has some great shots from her stint in California while filming the show, as well as some from North Carolina and New York. The point is, no matter what's going on throughout this reality show, Caelynn seems proud of her roots and the place she now calls home.

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I'm not sure knowing where Caelynn is from matters at this point. Colton has already made his decision even though it hasn't aired. She'll either win Colton's final rose and gigantic Neil Lane ring or she'll get sent packing her bags before it comes to that. But let's be real — getting to the final four women out of 30 is a pretty big deal, even with the drama and tears. No matter what the next few episodes bring, I'm sure Fredericksburg, Virginia and all of North Carolina would give Caelynn all the roses.

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