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Caelynn From 'The Bachelor 'Is Living Her Best Post-Show Life

Now that The Bachelor Season 23 is nearing the end, Colton is narrowing down his search for a future bride by giving the boot to some popular contestants. Such was the case with Former Miss North Carolina USA 2018, Caelynn who didn't get a rose after hometown dates. And while the next Bachelorette has yet to be announced, fans want to know where Caelynn is now because for a while, she looked like Colton's top choice. Her dismissal was clearly a shock to her and it was a shock to Bachelor Nation as well.

As for now, Caelynn's Instagram page doesn't show a lot of post-show activity, or reveal what she's been up to, aside from fashionable, posed pics. It's her usual aesthetic of hanging in beautiful places in gorgeous outfits for prime photo opps, and I'm not mad about it. She is a pageant queen, after all, so I'd be disappointed if this wasn't her aesthetic. In her most recent post after the airing of her Bachelor departure Caelynn revealed that even though she wasn't "the chosen one," there aren't any regrets. She says in the caption:

Wow, it’s a weird thing watching yourself fall in love on TV. These past few months have been really difficult. I put my whole heart on the line and I fell in love with an incredible man in the strangest way. Colton, thank you. You constantly pushed me and challenged me, and I walked away from all of this a better person. Mom, John, and the entire fam, thanks for going through this wild journey with me. I love you all, and am so thankful you could be there during this. No matter what happened, this was the best experience of my life and I came out stronger. Thank you all for letting me share my life with you. I appreciate the love and support ❤️

The girl has a huge social media following, and she's well-liked in general, but even if Caelynn were chosen as the next Bachelorette, I think the controversy of the season would follow her. If you don't remember what drama I'm referring to, it's that Caelynn was pointed out as one of the contestant not there for "the right reasons." Obviously the news went straight to Colton so maybe that was one reason, subconscious or not, he sent her home. Since her time ended, she seems to have stayed fairly busy. But it's also not known if she's up for consideration to join the Bachelor in Paradise crew, which begins filming in the summer. It's also possible she's enveloped herself into activism — something she's passionate about. She opened up during an episode of The Bachelor about the trauma of sexual assault she endured in college.

Right now, Caelynn could be hanging back for a bit, knowing her exit would air this past Monday, or she could be out doing required press to publicize the show. A slot on any show in this franchise means whether each women leaves or gets the final rose, opportunities arise. I mean, it is reality TV and there's no one better than someone who's been in the pageant scene, am I right?

While it's unclear what Caelynn's up to right now, I'm sure if you watch her Insta feed long enough, you'll find out. As a TV personality pegged to possibly win Colton's heart and didn't, you can bet she won't just slink into the shadows and disappear forever. And again, The Bachelorette announcement hasn't been made yet. Just saying.

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