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This 'Westworld' Reunion Will Send Chills Up Your Spine

by Megan Walsh

When an explosion gave Bernard a chance to escape Dolores and her growing army in the third episode of Westworld's second season, he took it, but his increasing cognitive issues prevented him from getting too far. He was also stopped in his tracks by a zombified Clementine, who knocked him out and dragged him off before the episode ended. But where is Clementine taking Bernard on Westworld?

"Virtú e Fortuna" doesn't answer that question before it ends, and Clementine doesn't appear to be in a position to explain herself. After she was lobotomized and put out of commission in cold storage in Season 1, it seemed like the Clementine viewers knew was long gone. She awoke alongside the other stored hosts in the finale and stormed Ford's retirement party, gun in hand, but it was difficult to determine how aware she was of what was happening. When she reappeared in Season 2, she seemed to be another soldier in Dolores' growing army, like Angela but without the personality: Clementine carried a gun and hauled around prisoners, but she didn't say a word. She didn't tell Bernard where she was taking him.

There are a few guesses one could make, but it's impossible to say for sure before the next episode airs.

If Clementine is working for Dolores, then perhaps she's just doing her job by corralling Bernard. Dolores likely wants to keep her prisoners where she put them, and she has a particular connection with Bernard due to his resemblance to Arnold as well as their shared robotic nature. There might not be any mystery here at all: Clementine could just be taking Bernard back to where he came from, under the surveillance of the other hosts.

But maybe something unexpected is going on here. It wasn't entirely explained why the hosts in storage woke up as one and flooded the park, though one assumes it was part of Ford's plan to bring Westworld down by giving the hosts free reign. Ford was pulling the strings for so long, and he might still be doing so from beyond the grave. He used the young host inspired by his childhood to relay a message about the door to William. Ford could be using Clementine to give Bernard a message of some kind, or take him to a new locale. If that's the case, then there's no predicting what it could be ahead of time.

Actress Angela Sarafyan doesn't seem to have any insight on what Clementine is up to, either, or at least she didn't have any information she could share in interviews. When talking about Clementine's Season 2 arc with Collider, Sarafyan said that she couldn't predict what the new season would look like or what would happen to anyone before it started. "I had no idea where the characters would go and what would happen, and it wasn't what I expected," she said. "It really wasn't."

The only hint she had to offer was that Clementine would continue to enjoy some of the "freedom" she had at the end of the first season. That could be an indication that Clementine isn't working for anyone except herself, which makes the situation with Bernard even more mysterious. Could she be dragging him off for reasons only known to her, not inspired or ordered by any other character?

With Westworld, fans have begun to expect the unexpected. It was already a surprise to see Clementine again after what happened to her in the first season, so now she's a total wildcard. Without more information, viewers can only speculate about what she'll decide to do next.

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