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This 'Bachelorette' Contestant Could Have Met Hannah Back In 'Bama

Hannah Brown has a lot of guys who she could potentially end up with on Season 15 of The Bachelorette. Some of the contestants made their mark in a big way, while others are quietly working their way up the ranks. Such is the case with pro-golfer, Garrett. Since he enjoys spending a lot of time on golf courses, where is Garrett from on The Bachelorette, and will he ever teach Hannah how to perfect her swing?

The 27-year-old in search of love with "Alabama Hannah" is from Birmingham, Alabama, according to his ABC bio. That means he's within an hour of Hannah's home town of Tuscaloosa. Could it be more perfect? He's also an avid church-goer who seems to be close with his brother and sister, has a ton of friends, and I can tell through his Instagram pictures loves his alma mater of Mississippi State University — where he played as a football quarterback — almost as much as Hannah loves her Alabama State University. Roll Tide, indeed.

It's clear Garrett has a real love of his hometown and state by looking through his social media profiles. Even his Twitter bio says, "I am just a man with a heart and sinful hands. College quarterback turned college golfer turned golf pro at Shoal Creek." Though he's generally stayed low-key, you might remember him from the previous episode when he put Luke P. in his place by saying, "Be a man and keep our names out of your mouth." He was referring to the date Luke P. was about to go on with Hannah, and the drama that had already transpired between Luke P. and Luke S.

Ultimately, Luke S. sent himself home stating it was because Hannah didn't trust him and that didn't sit well with him. Regardless, that was a bold statement from Garrett — one I think Hannah might appreciate when she watches the episode back — and probably what the rest of the guys were thinking anyway. It shows that while he might try to stay out of the drama as much as possible, he's not going to let anyone mess up his chance with the former Miss Alabama USA. After all, she's the reason they're even there, so why not fight for your spot?

Regardless of how well Garrett seems to be doing so far, promos for episode six may hint at something big — and not in a good way. "I know I messed up," the voice that seems to be Garrett's says. Later in the preview, the voice continues, "It’s my fault. I hope that she forgives me." I don't want to put all my eggs in the Garrett basket if he's about to be the cause of Hannah's frustration. The promos though, are famously misleading, so it could be about someone else entirely. With all the similarities between Garrett and Hannah, I hope it all blows over, whatever "it" is.

Garrett may be within driving distance of Hannah's hometown, but there are still a few weeks, and a lot of hurdles, to overcome before she narrows the group down for hometowns. If he does make it, it's ironic that both he and Hannah traveled to California to film the show when they could've literally just met up between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa and saved everyone the trouble.