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Gypsy Rose Blanchard's Story In 'The Act' Will Give You Serious Chills

If you're into true crime documentaries, the latest from Hulu — The Act — is for you. The 2015 murder of Gypsy Rose's mother, Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard was shocking at the time and it only gets stranger the more you learn about it. So if you're curious about the real story you may be wondering: where is Gypsy Rose now? To fully understand her current lifestyle, you'd have to first trace things back to where the horror began.

As of now, Gypsy Rose is serving 10 years for second degree murder of her mother in the Chillicothe Correctional Center in Chillicothe, Missouri — about three-and-a-half hours from her hometown of Springfield. In an interview with People, Gypsy's father, Rod Blanchard, said when she's up for parole (at age 32), she'll move in with him. Living behind bars is a far cry from what her life looked like with her mother Kim Blanchard, an acquaintance (no relation) of both Dee Dee and Gypsy told Michelle Dean for a BuzzFeed article in 2015. "She looked much more like the person that she was, which was the complete opposite of the person that I knew, and it was like she had a costume on that whole time and then took it off."

To backtrack a bit, Dee Dee suffered from Munchausen syndrome by proxy — a mental illness that presents as a parent pretending a healthy child is ill to garner attention. Dee Dee worked hard to convince everyone Gypsy was sick, claiming muscular dystrophy and leukemia, among other diseases and health problems. All came to a head when Gypsy realized she wasn't actually sick. Once she met and fell in love with Nichola Godejohn online, the two plotted and executed a plan to kill Dee Dee in their Springfield, Missouri home.

In a 20/20 interview, Gypsy explained that once she found out about the lies she tried to escape, but Dee Dee chained her to the bed, vowing to never leave her side again. Immediately after the murder, the two fled to Wisconsin (where Nick lived) and were found later, after disturbing Facebook messages snagged police attention. While they originally believed Gypsy had been kidnapped, they found Gypsy completely healthy and the whole thread unraveled from there. Not only was the "19-year-old" actually 23, but she didn't suffer from cancer, epilepsy, or anything Dee Dee told everyone. She wasn't even in a wheelchair as she had always appeared — she was upright, walking.


In 2015, Gypsy accepted the plea deal against Nicholas that reduced her sentence to 10 years and testified against him in February of this year. "I wish I would have never done anything,” she told Phil MrGraw on Dr. Phil. "If anything, she just deserved to be where I am."

The Act isn't a play-by-play of the exact events as the occurred, but it definitely captures what life must have been like for Gypsy Rose all those years. Ironically, now that she's in prison, it may be the freest she's ever been.

The Act hits Hulu March 20.