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Where Is Hanna On 'Pretty Little Liars'? A.D. Knows She Was Lying

On the Pretty Little Liars premiere, one of the bigger mysteries from the Season 6 finale was answered: Hanna is currently alive, but being kept in a mystery location by A.D. So, where is Hanna on Pretty Little Liars? She could be being kept in a familiar location. And, if the location is somewhere that the liars are frequenting lately, they might just find her.

On the premiere, Hanna's not-dead-body was found hanging from the bell tower in the church. The image scared just about everyone — Caleb, especially — until they realized that the mask guy of Rosewood strikes again, and covered a terrifying life-size doll with Hanna's face mask. It was pretty realistic, it might as well have been real. The good news here is that Hanna isn't dead.

Unfortunately, that might not last. Hanna's life is still in major danger. A cut away to Hanna in little to nothing shows her in an abandoned room — maybe house — where A.D. is presumably keeping her until the Liars give up the real killer of Charlotte.

"You’ve got 24 hours to get me Charlotte's real killer, or Hanna dies."

The doll warns the Liars that they have 24 hours to get A.D. Charlotte's real killer, or things will end very badly for Hanna. So, where is Hanna currently? You'd think she was at the Lost Woods Resort, the "lodge" that Mary Drake (possibly A.D. owns). But, I don't think that Mary Drake is A.D., thus, she wouldn't keep her victim from the same place she was abducted from.

Could Hanna be kept in another location that is tied to another suspect? Right now, the A.D. suspect list is limited. While Elliot Rollins and Mary Drake say that they'd do anything for Charlotte, it's possible that they could also be willing to do anything for the money that Carissimi Group has.

We'll have to wait to find out where Hanna is. What we do know is that the location is a well-kept secret (or soundproof) because Hanna's torture was loud and hard to watch.