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Hannah G. From 'The Bachelor' Is A Southern Belle At Heart

With only a few weeks of The Bachelor left, only four lucky women remain. The race for Colton's heart has been a strong one, with a few possible life mate contenders, including social media influencer and model, Hannah G., who received the First Impression rose on the first night. By this point, you should know everything there is to know about Colton's possibilities. If you aren't sure where Hannah G. is from, can you call yourself a loyal Bachelor viewer? The answer is no, my friends, so let me help you help yourself.

Hannah G. is from Birmingham, Alabama and she actually competed for the title of Miss Alabama against fellow Bachelor contestant, Hannah B. (who was just booted). Small world, right? The photographer/model/ foodie-at-heart claims to love "glamping" (glamorous camping) on her ABC bio, but doesn't like seafood. Living in Birmingham, that's a tough one because seafood is fresh and abundant there. Her Instagram page boasts a slew of scenic photos from her pre-Bachelor life and TBH, it looks pretty rad. Some of these pics are in Alabama, but a lot of them are in beautiful places across the country, as she models swimwear, food, or both.

She's starred in multiple music videos for big country names, and her website adds that she lived in LA for the summer, but has returned to Alabama. Because home is definitely where the heart is. I mean, the girl knows what she likes and where she's going in life, even if it's not with Colton.

Hannah G. also has a penchant for styling, editing, and photographing specially curated content for her Insta and website pages, whether based in 'Bama, or during any of her adventure-filled modeling gigs. Birmingham and surrounding areas are home to other famous names like Courtney Cox and Gucci Mane and now they can add Hannah G. to the list. Because it's honestly not complete without at least one Bachelor Nation contestant. As the media manager for the Alabama boutique Soca Clothing, she also doubles as the brand's model. If she sticks around her city long enough, something tells me she'll book a few more modeling gigs. Something involving roses, maybe?

If quality time is her preferred love language, also per her ABC bio, it seems any relationship partner would get quite a bit of it while hanging in her hometown. With 606k followers on Insta, I'll bet Birmingham will have a few more tourists once the rest of this season of The Bachelor airs — even more so if Hannah doesn't receive the final rose and ends up on Bachelor in Paradise. In a blog post from last August, Hannah opened up a bit about her journey admitting she had braces through 10th grade, but eventually tried out for Birmingham Fashion Week which led to her current career and social media influence. She added, "But really, any of my peers from High School are probably as shocked as I am that I do modeling now."

In case you didn't catch any of the billion Alabama references I threw down, let me say it loud and clear: Hannah G. is from Birmingham, Alabama. She's drama-free and part of the final four women who want Colton to put a ring on it.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.