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Hannah G. From 'The Bachelor' Is Having A Better Year Than You Think

After possibly the most shocking episode of The Bachelor ever, the conclusion of Colton's relationship narrative is rapidly arriving. Though his date with Tayshia seemed OK enough — including the fantasy suite situation where he did not lose his virginity (a topic to be discussed at another time) it was his day with Cassie that shot everything to hell. Long story short, Cassie self-eliminated, sending Colton into an emotional spiral, even jumping over the fence to escape. But with one date still left to go, where is Hannah G. now?

If you think Hannah G. will be the next Bachelorette, you probably watched the fence jump heard 'round the world with apprehension. The events leading up to Colton's escape revealed how strongly he felt for Cassie compared to the other two remaining contestants — including Hannah G. Though it's unclear if Hannah G. becomes aware of the fence jump that night or later on, promos for the finale show her in tears and packing her suitcase, possibly being sent home without her final date. This leaves fans wondering if Hannah G. even got the chance to see if she's engagement material or if Colton simply dove head-first into Cassie-land, breaking Bachelor franchise protocol altogether. Honestly, even if Colton returns and goes through with his date with Hannah G., he shouldn't. After pouring his heart out for Cassie, it doesn't seem fair to the other women to keep going with this "competition." So, if Hannah's packing her bags, it's probably for the best. She — and all the women — deserves to be more than a consolation.

As to where she is these days? The content creator from Birmingham, Alabama, took a brief social media hiatus — likely while filming The Bachelor — but returned with her always whimsical, wanderlust-inspired photos to show she's doing just fine, regardless of what's to come on the season finale.

From her social media, it doesn't sound like Hannah G. is salty about what happened, but it's unfair to assume she's cool with it. It was her heart on the line, too. Regardless, all the chatter about the next Bachelorette means her name is in the spotlight quite a bit these days. Apparently, that First Impression rose meant something to more than just Colton. Regardless of what's to come, the girl has a penchant for the spotlight so you can only assume she'll be in it that much more. Whether it's creating and editing photos for her website, modeling, or traveling 'round the world to entice you to get off your couch, the girl stays busy. I don't think this Colton thing will keep her down for long, especially with months having passed since filming ended.

If you're worried Hannah G. is getting the short end of the proverbial stick, worry not, Bachelor fans. She recently celebrated a birthday (post-Bachelor filming) and had this to say: "How do I sum up this amazing/overwhelming/insane year in one caption? (fun fact: it’s not possible). Just know I’m getting emo typing this because it’s honestly been the best year of my life. So freaking thankful for the people I’ve met, the lessons I’ve learned, and the experiences I’ve had. Hoping 24 is just as amazing! Also hi update yes I cried typing this lol ugh BEST YEAR I love you all."

Surely Hannah G. will post more creative content soon, but for now, she's likely tied to contractual obligations and all that jazz. Seeing as she's already dated Chris Strandburg from Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette, it's highly likely you'll still see Hannah's name floating around — maybe even as a Bachelor in Paradise cast member. Fingers crossed.