Rick Rowell/ABC

Hannah G. Was Missing From 'The Bachelor' Finale For A Suspiciously Long Time

The Bachelor's excruciating finale left Colton trying to figure out what to do with his two remaining contestants after getting dumped by his one true love. The first hour focused so heavily on what happened between him and Tayshia that Twitter was left wondering where Hannah G. was on The Bachelor finale. Sadly, she had no idea what was coming.

When Colton finally visited Hannah's room at the top of the finale's second hour, he confided in her that she had been his rock all season long. He also repeated what he'd told Tayshia — that he knew in his heart he couldn't be in love with two people at once, and he was in love with Cassie.

"I thought it was going to be you," Colton said when Hannah expressed disbelief over how the season was turning out. "You still remind me of home," he continued, adding, "I feel sick." To make matters worse, when Hannah asked Colton why their relationship wasn't working for him, he couldn't answer the question. He expressed that she helped him immensely and "made [him] better," throughout the process of the show, to which she witheringly replied, "That's what I do. I make everybody better and then they don't want to stick around."

During the course of their painful breakup, Hannah even admitted that she was "ready to move to wherever," which appeared to cause Colton even more confusion. He seemed truly unready to dump her, but eventually, Colton said one thing right, telling Hannah, "You don't deserve to be anybody's backup plan. You don't deserve to be second."

After she left, Colton expressed concern that he was letting a "sure thing" walk away to take a chance on something that might be "impossible" — but he spun that as a testament to how much he loved Cassie. Of course, last week, viewers watched as she dumped him on the night he was clearly planning to lose his virginity. Cue "the fence jump heard round the world," as Chris Harrison dubbed it, and a subsequent manhunt to find Colton wandering through the brush of Portugal. The next morning, Colton decided he was going to walk away from the show to fight for Cassie. He hoped that, away from the competition element and the cameras, he could erase her doubts about their relationship. Unfortunately, Cassie was pretty clear that she didn't reciprocate his feelings. During their breakup, she said that she loved him but wasn't in love with him.

When they reunited in the live studio audience, Hannah asked Colton if they could have worked as a couple had they had more time. Chris echoed the question, wondering if Colton had ever considered taking his last overnight date with Hannah, just to better assess his feelings. But Colton repeated that, at that point, his feelings were "bigger than the show" and bigger than playing by "the unspoken rules of The Bachelor." He was committed to proving himself to Cassie and, to be honest, proposing to someone else at that point would have been a bad look. At the end of the season, Bachelor Nation is in agreement about one thing: Hannah deserved better.