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This Contestant From 'The Bachelor' Has A Serious Thing For The Beach

A lot of this season's contestants on The Bachelor seem to be from the most glorious, beachy places in the country. Just watch the early promos and you'll see more women twirling by the ocean than previous seasons. I'm sensing Colton has a type. One of those competing, Heather, happens to be among those fun beachgoers, so fans may wonder where Heather on The Bachelor is from.

According to Heather's ABC bio, she was "born and raised in San Diego, California." Her current location is listed as Carlsbad, Cali, which is in the Greater San Diego area, about 35 miles north of San Diego itself. Carlsbad is the location of Heather's employer, Aethercomm, where her Linkedin profile says she's an assistant program manager. The company creates products used in combat. Pretty cool, honestly. Before that, Heather worked as a Marketing Research Consultant in Pasadena, and held the same title with Van Dyke Coffee Roasters in Fullerton. So basically, this California girl doesn't stray far from home when it comes to work. Colton's home is in the heart of Colorado, so the question remains: will love be the thing that finally pulls her away from the sun and sand?

Carlsbad is known for having the tourist attraction of Legoland, and it's a short drive to the Sand Diego Safari Park. According to the website VisitCarlsbad.Com, there are seven miles of coastline. That's a lot of photo ops — which Heather knows. There are also nine different breweries she could potentially take Colton to if she makes it to the hometowns week, FYI. Maybe the beach will be where this "Never Been Kissed" gal will finally be able to check that box.

As a 2017 graduate of Biola University — a Christian liberal arts school in La Mirada, California — Heather earned her Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. She loves posting pics of that gorgeous ocean view. Though her Instagram doesn't have many, you'll be hard pressed to find many photos without a sister, family, or that sunny California view. In fact, before The whole Bachelor thing came about, Heather actually met Colton at Mavericks Beach Club in San Diego during a Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation fundraising event (and fun fact: Bachelor In Paradise alum, Leo, was also there!). So basically, she has California inscribed on her heart and isn't afraid to let the world know it. This chance meeting may have been the very thing that inspired her to apply for The Bachelor.

Heather didn't have too far to go when chosen for Season 23. The Bachelor mansion — where the magic is filmed — is set in Agoura Hills, California, which is part of Los Angeles and about a two-hour drive from Carlsbad. There's even a real family that lives in the mansion during the nine months The Bachelor and Bachelorette aren't filming, according to People. The "rose ceremony" room is where brothers Nick and Marshall Haraden Jr. play pool. How cool is that? With the wildfires that recently hit, the mansion was affected but is still standing.

It's still unclear as to how much further Heather will make it on this Bachelor journey, or if those promos for upcoming episodes of she and Colton frolicking in oceanic waters (because of course) will lead to her first kiss or not. Regardless, Carlsbad and the Greater San Diego area are probably be thrilled to have one of their own represent.