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'In the Dark' Isn't The Only Show To Film In This Famous Midwestern City

If you're into sassy leading ladies, then the CW is about to give you just that. In the Dark stars Perry Mattfeld as Murphy — a blind woman who witnesses the murder of a friend and doesn't put up with anyone's BS. While the entire cast looks stellar, the show's focus will take Murphy and Darnell (played by Keston John) on an adventure in trying to solve this case without the help of police. So, where is In the Dark set? You know, so you can admire the sights and plan a future visit (or not).

While there isn't a ton of location information about In the Dark readily available just yet, a trailer posted to The CW's Facebook page mentioned a character's "favorite view in Chicago." That can only mean that either the show is supposed to take place in the Windy City or the phrase is out of context in a bigger, more sarcastic conversation meant to make a joke. I'm going to bet, based on early photos released, Chicago is the focal point of In the Dark, so yes — let's run with that until the pilot airs and it's officially confirmed. In the meantime, Chicago already has a big reputation.

Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

To be clear, the IMBD page about In the Dark claims actual filming happened in Ontario, Canada. It's also important to note there's another show of the same name — a BBC crime drama based on novels by Mark Billingham that were filmed in Derbyshire and Manchester. As for the American In the Dark, Chicago has been home to a lot of popular shows and movies. Shameless (which Mattfeld acted in) Chicago Fire, PD, Justice, Med, Suits, and Empire to name a few. As a world renown city of over 2 million people, Chicago's gorgeous architecture and vibrant local culture are a couple reasons that make the "city of big shoulders" an ideal backdrop for a mysterious series like this. Basically, Chicago is its own unique character to fill a call sheet.

In case you haven't heard, In the Dark, was created by Corrine Kingsbury in partnership with CBS TV Studios and Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Films. The show also stars Brooke Markham as Murphy's roommate/BFF (Dierdre & Laney Rob a Train) and Keston John as Murphy's unassuming new drug dealing partner — who happens to be the missing boy's cousin.

Obviously, Murphy's blindness adds an additional obstacle to detective work — especially amateur detective work. But it also means that she's underestimated and undervalued by, well, by pretty much everyone. Will she and Darnell (and her guide-dog, Pretzel) be able to prove that she really did find Tyson's body? Will they be able to catch whoever did it? Well, that remains to be seen.

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To be completely honest, while the view of Chicago will be a running theme, I'm much more interested in Pretzel. The show could take place anywhere in the world, and if you put Pretzel in it, I'm watching.

In the Dark premieres April 4 on The CW.