Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO

Jaime Lannister's Redemption Story Has Finally Begun On 'Game Of Thrones'

It's taken seven seasons for it to happen, but Jaime Lannister is finding forging his own path and leaving Cersei to her own destruction. He may have been willing to watch the world burn with her back in Season 1, but by the end of Season 7 when Cersei revealed that she had no plans of helping to defeat the White Walkers, the Kingslayer finally reached his breaking point and walked out on her, seemingly for good. But where is Jaime Lannister going on Game of Thrones? Though he didn't exactly pull out Google Maps on his horse while he was riding out of town, I think I have a general idea of where he's heading.

Jaime has never really been considered a man of honor. He stabbed the Mad King in the back — a shocking move considering his main job was to protect the ruler of the Iron Throne. In fact, it's what gave him the nickname "The Kingslayer" in the first place. Granted, the Mad King did need to be stopped, but I think we can all agree that it definitely wasn't a move Ned Stark would've made. So I found it very interesting to see how much he now values keeping his word. Perhaps a stern wakeup call from Brienne was all it took for him to get his head back on straight and realize that there are bigger things at work here than him and Cersei. Either way, it stems to reason that he's left King's Landing to head North in order to meet up with Jon Snow and Daenerys.

courtesy of HBO

During a recent interview with HuffPost, actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime, offered up a similiar when asked where he thinks his character is headed. "I think he’s going North to join up with Jon Snow and the folks up there," Coster-Waldau stated. And while "North" isn't a very exact location (especially since winter is getting a wide berth these days), I personally wouldn't be surprised if Jaime is heading to Winterfell. Not only is this undoubtedly going to be a source of plenty of action in Season 8 (it's one of the first spots the Night King will probably hit), but it will also allow for some interesting reunions. I'm sure Bran would be thrilled to see him...

Ah, memories. So yeah, that's going to be kinda awkward. But they've both come so far since they last saw each other so bygones? Maybe? I don't know, but I'm all for seeing more characters reunite after so many seasons of being separated. Let's just hope Jaime behaves himself and continues down this path of redemption so he can finally be the man Westeros needs him to be. And, you know, maybe just keep him away from any high windows. Just in case.